And then I got sick.
I decided the devil can take the month of January but starting February, we are going to be healthy and routine-full.  Then I bought myself a new planner despite only using mine for six months because new planner = fresh start.  I’m ready.
Did you know they make planner stickers?  Basically anything you could ever imagine needing to plan – they have a sticker for it!  I tried to be reasonable and just buy them for a few things (little puppy paws as a reminder for Molly’s monthly medicines, a teeny camera to remind me to do my weekly upload and purge of pictures, and garbage cans because anything to make that job more enjoyable) but I’m already thinking of ways that I can squirrel away more money for planner stickers.  Yes, I’m seven.
Also, Gilmore Girls.  How did I never watch this show?  I know it was on when I didn’t have a television but I somehow managed to watch Party of Five when I didn’t have a television and Gilmore  Girls > Party of Five (by soooo much).  Netflix = awesome.  (My middle school math teacher, Ms. Dittenber, would be so proud to see me using my math knowledge in a real world setting.)
Happy Thursday!

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  • Yes! Gilmore Girls is > Party of Five–and I really like P5 back in the day. My daughter is, basically, Rory and she so wishes I were as fun as Lorelei. (But not as flaky. I'm not sure she realizes that fun and flaky often come in the same package.)

    Glad you are on the mend. I think that's an occasion calling for stickers, right? 🙂

    • My favorite relationship to watch right now (I'm still in the first season) is the one between Lorelei and Emily. Kelly Bishop is amazing.