A Kick-Ass Year

I like lists.  I make lists of knitting projects I want to attempt, books I’ve read (and want to read), movies to see, things I want to buy, rooms I need to purge, activities that make me happy, and destinations to visit.  I make daily to-do lists, and weekly checklists, and year long goal lists.

And that’s what I did this year instead of make a single resolution.  I had a good year in 2014, but I left a lot of things by the wayside.  It was a year of healing and accepting limitations and I spent a good deal of time figuring out what things are really important to me (people who love me and make me laugh, clean underwear, and parenting well).

Knowing that, I have a good idea of what I want to accomplish in 2015.  I want to create healthy routines (so the laundry gets done and I have the energy and patience to parent) and celebrate those I love in life.  Here are (some of) the items on my list in 2015:

1. Mail one handwritten letter out each week.
2. Take a picture a day.
3. Knit Violet a shawl for her First Communion.
4. Read 50 books.
5. Knit socks.
6. Plan meals & prepare them instead of eating out so often.
7. Make the bed.
8. Devote some time each day with my children individually doing something THEY enjoy.
9. Maintain a regular bedtime (most of the time).
10. Do a load of laundry every day.  (I somehow got out the habit of doing this which has really thrown things out of balance.)

I also have a list of house projects I’d like to tackle, a few knitting techniques I’d like to learn, and some financial goals for our family.

In general, I’m gearing up for a year where I can “kick-ass at life” (my sister decided on her 30th birthday that she was going to kick-ass at life and I loved that idea, so I’m stealing it).

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