Tuesday Things

People all over the internet are talking about how they still have their Christmas decorations up as if they are ashamed.  I feel like I should be ashamed, but I’m still enjoying the garlands and tree and nativities.  Considering the rush to finish Thanksgiving (or skip over it entirely) for Christmas, I’m surprised at how quick everyone wants to tear down – especially in the winter when a little twinkle and greenery can really brighten up a day.  Now if it’s still standing in March, please smack me upside the head.
Okay, so I know that Spotify has totally been a thing now for awhile.  Even my mom was listening to music on her computer using it a few years back.  Somehow it just escaped me.  Until this week.  And now I’m obsessed.  I made myself a couple of workout mixes and a compilation of every Ani DiFranco song I cranked up with the windows rolled down on my ’82 Olds Omega back in the day.  Now I’m currently listening to Greg Brown on shuffle because his voice.  (I really do have a thing for folksy pickers.)
These sculptures of knit glass are amazing.  I would love to own one at some point.
There are so many ways to knit socks.  I think 2015 is going to be the year of the sock.  I want to try the Fish Lips Kiss Heel next and toe up (any pattern suggestions?) and possibly the magic loop method.  Maybe I’ll combine those two with this pattern.  And sock yarn.  So many choices.  Do you have any favorites?
Speaking of knitting, I’m finding that some of the best storage solutions are fishing tackle.  I like this idea for notions and I just used the last of my Christmas money to buy one of these for circular needle storage.  I picked up some extra bags too so each needle size could have their own space so I don’t always have to have a gauge.  Who knew that Jesse’s extra tackle storage would come in handy?!?

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  • Well, you are ahead of me on almost everything (except taking down the Christmas decorations). Still haven't decoded Spotify, and am only now beginning to really learn how to knit. Such a newbie that I don't even really have need for storage, though I did buy some stitch markers. (Is that even what they are called?) Nice to hear what you've been up to.

    • Ha! Yes, that is what they are called. And I manage to find them in random places all over the house. I think they fly around at night when I'm not using them because I don't even use them THAT often.

  • I know the basics of knitting (casting on, casting off, knitting, purling) because my grandma taught me those many years ago. But I want to know how to actually make stuff, so I'm working through a book called Fearless Knitting (Jennifer Seiffert)–and I need the stitch markers!

    • I love the idea of working through a book! I'm a book (and youtube) taught knitter and I think one of my favorite things about knitting is that there is always something more to learn and improve. I HATED doing the provisional cast on (I would skip projects that needed it) until I was flipping through a book of patterns the other day and it showed a different way to do it. I have two projects that I've been avoiding that I can do now because of this new way of doing it. What is your project right now?