Tuesday Things

I am beyond ready for this house to be healthy.  Violet got hit hard on Saturday night with some stomach bug.  Poor her.  Poor babysitter.  Jess and I had gone out of town for an overnight.  We cut the trip short (obviously) but I am sick of fevers and runny noses and throwing up and disinfecting.  And I’m even sick of talking about it.  So I’m changing the subject.
I printed out this POPSUGAR reading list.  Maybe it will help me put down the knitting and pick up a book?  I started reading Super Sad True Love Story and the first few pages grabbed me, but now I’m having troubles staying with it.  I actually fell asleep reading it last night and I NEVER fall asleep reading books.
I decided I needed a Pinterest board for things that make me genuinely laugh.  Out loud.  Hysterically.  Follow along for random ridiculousness and lots of puns.
Am I the last person to hear of send your enemies glitter? (Warning: adult language) 
I want a snow storm.  It’s January.  It’s cold.  It’s gray.  If it’s going to be all those things, it could at least be snowy.  Not just a dusting but FEETS – a good 36 inches (at least) of heavy, fluffy winter precipitation.  Okay? Thankyouverymuch.
My goal of taking a picture a day has become a complete joke but I’m not ready to give up yet.  I’m going to keep trying.
A friend gave me some of this beeswax heel balm the other day.  Between this and my Diamancel foot file my feet are in HEAVEN.  (Also:  I have the best friends.)
Mary Poppins references and sock yarn?  Yes, please.  Because I don’t already have enough. 
I rewatched the first two seasons of House of Cards.  I meant to time it out so that I’d be just finishing when Season Three premiered but once I started watching that idea was just laughable.  Now I’m impatiently waiting for Scandal on Thursday and Nashville next week.  To think that I didn’t even have a television until I moved in with Jesse – breaking my foot last spring was not good for my brain.
And finally:  need eye cream recommendations.  PLEASE.

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  • You have too many things to click on! I just got lost in the silliness on your Pinterest page. In a good way–but now I will have to come back later for the rest. 🙂 Sorry to hear your house is full of sick. I remember those years and they were no fun! Be well–