On Monday night the kids and I were putting together valentines, I could feel it coming on.  About ten minutes before Jesse walked in the door, I handed them each an iPad and decided to lie on the couch.  He came home, they ate dinner, we put them to bed, and then I looked at him and said, “I’m getting sick.  I can feel it.”   And then I was sick.
I’m a baby about being sick.  I know people say mom’s don’t get sick days and we always power through and I know a lot of women who are like that.  I am not.  If I’m even the tiniest bit sick, I want to curl up in bed and pull the covers over my head.  And this wasn’t the tiniest bit sick.  This was oh-my-God-I-just-want-to-die-sick.  Fever, nausea, body aches, headache.  The whole enchilada.
So I spent most of Tuesday in bed.  And all of yesterday.  And today I finally started to join the land of the living.  Which is good because tomorrow is our annual party and I’ve been looking forward to seeing my friends and sharing some cheer for weeks.
These are some snapshots I took last week Thursday and Friday and today.  One of these weeks I’ll really get one a day.
Also:  I friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I loved it so much I posted it on both my site and personal FB pages, but in case you missed it I thought I’d post it here as well.  I found it super inspirational (and I love me some Missy Elliott).

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