I bought books.

In 2014, I put myself on a book purchasing moratorium.  (Sort of.)  I could buy them as gifts for other people, for the kids, or use any bookstore gift cards given to me, but I could not buy them for me.  (I’d like to save a bunch of money, but I’m positive I just spent it on yarn instead).

But today, I was running around Target picking up a few things for Valentine’s Day and it dawned on me. It is no longer 2014.  The self-imposed sacrifice of reading material is OVER.  I whipped my cart around, practically ran to the book section, and picked up three.  I almost bought two for me and one for each other kids but then I decided I spent all of 2014 buying THEM books so I put them back and bought myself another one.

It felt wonderful.  And honestly, it was perfect timing because any of my more involved knitting projects are starting to make me a little crazy and I just want to quit knitting all together.

Also, I needed a reason to procrastinate cleaning the house today.

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