Holes in the Heart

Violet and I had a talk the other night about a friend who moved away and “left a hole in her heart that was never going to go away”.  When I told her that I had friends move away and leave holes in my heart too, she was shocked.  
No matter if you’re 7 or 37 or 77, people move.  Literally, figuratively.  Relationships end.  
And it hurts.
I told Violet the same thing I’ll tell you and the same thing I tell myself (over and over and over again). 
Some days are harder than others.  Some days you’ll be so busy playing with other friends you won’t even notice.  Other times you’ll think of nothing else.  It’s okay to be angry and sad but that it’s also important to remember we’re hurting because we loved someone very much and created happy memories.  Don’t stop loving people because you’re afraid of holes in your heart. 
I know that there will be more instances of hurt hearts as time goes on – both for her and for me (and even for you) – because holes in the heart are the price we pay for living and loving.  But hearts with holes are good hearts.

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  • I am so behind on reading blogs; it was nice to catch up on yours today. (Thanks for the shout-out a few posts back.) Sorry you were sick and glad you are feeling better and so happy for you that you get to buy books. They are the best medicine for holes in the heart. For me, anyway.