I had some friends send me a lovely bouquet of flowers on Friday last week.  Fresh flowers are such a treat.  I should purchase them for myself from time to time – particularly in the winter.  It’s just cheery to come downstairs on a gray morning and see them.

I finished Violet’s socks, started and finished a cowl for my sister’s birthday, and am working on a “thank you” present for a friend who basically planned last fall’s Disney trip for us.  I’m adding this project to my list of things to try as well.

It’s still cold.  We had one day in the 20’s this week before the temps dropped again but that’s February and February is almost over.  While we wait for spring, we are playing lots and lots of trains and Uno and Blokus.

I’m looking forward to a good long visit with my sissy and her kids this weekend.  Friday evening can’t come fast enough.

Wishing you a happy end of week/weekend as well!

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  • Siiiiiigh I just wrote a whole comment and somehow lost it. 1. Thanks for linking to my cowl! 2. I LOVE those socks. Both colors are fantastic, but that pink/melon/orange/yellow is especially great. What is the yarn? 3. Is that a yarn swift? I have a ball winder but still have to hold the skein by hand and it's a generally terrible process. Do you find the swift helpful and worth the cost?

    • UGH! That seems to be happening to a lot of people. I think it's a blogger thing because I can't find anything in my settings and I've had it happen to me on other blogger blogs. (Sometimes I really do miss WordPress).

      It is a swift. It was a birthday present and I can't imagine not having one. For as much as you knit, invest in one – you'll be grateful. The socks are Knit Picks Felici which is discontinued now and it's a shame because I LOVED it.