Tuesday Things

I made the above here.  Fun templates.  This is basically my mission statement.  I’m great at dreaming up and jumping in.  It’s good that I have Jesse.  He’s amazing at implementing and following through.
It’s February.  It’s gray and cold and just plain miserable.  You know what helps? A good book or some knitting and hot cocoa.  I’m using this recipe (when I’m not just going through Starbucks).  Super simple and very yum.THIS definitive guide to eating.

I have created a Pinterest board devoted to all things First Eucharist.  And while I know it’s not about the dress (I do, I promise) I’m scouring the internet.  I want something classic, that doesn’t look like a wedding gown, and is affordable.  I’m finding that I can have two of the three.  The dress I love the best is linen, handmade, and $399.  It’s a whole lot of money for a dress that will be worn once (maybe twice if a whole lot of other maybes fall into place – like my daughter has a daughter and raises her daughter to be Catholic and wants her to wear the same dress and is the same size) so it won’t happen.  But isn’t it beautiful?

Speaking of church, I’ve been thinking about how to observe Lent this year.  This journal is on my radar.  I’m also thinking about attending daily Mass.  I know I’m not giving up sweets.  Why Girl Scout cookies always arrive this time of year is beyond me, but I have ordered quite a few from Violet and I know my limitations.

And speaking of pinterest, if you look, I’ve gone Perler bead crazy.  We seem to go through spurts in the house and right now we are working with them most every night.  Violet made a really amazing star for a friend in different shades of blue. All I could think was that I wish I was better at knitting colorwork, because it would have been an amazing fair isle pattern.  I found out after googling for patterns that you can perler bead everything from Christmas ornaments to Disney princesses.  I think these chevron necklaces would be adorable for little girl valentines.

Happy Tuesday!

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  • Can I borrow your mission statement? I looooove to start. I love the planning and dreaming more than the doing. Doing is good, too–but I often find I get whatever I'm going to get from the first part of doing. So, finishing…..yeah.

    As for expensive dresses worn once, well, I don't know. I think it depends upon the event/ceremony. I never splurged on prom dresses in high school. I knew those events didn't matter much to me. When I got married, I splurged on the dress because I knew it was my only chance to have a wedding day of the sort I was having. Although the marriage didn't last, I'm still glad I splurged on that dress. It was a beautiful day. I'm frugal most of the time so I can be indulgent every once in a while.

    • I agree with you on the event/ceremony. For my senior year, I borrowed a dress from a friend's older sister but I fell in love with my wedding dress. It was the third dress I tried on and it was way too expensive but I just "wanted to see" because I loved it on the hanger – once I had it on, I knew there was no way I'd ever find a dress I loved as much.

      And I will share my mission statement because we're cool like that 🙂