Tuesday Things

The kiddos went skiing last weekend for the first time and have already decided we all are going to go again this weekend.  I haven’t been on skis in 8 years and my boots are a size and a half too small    (children are to blame for both of those things) and I keep reminding them that my foot still isn’t 100% from last spring’s injury but they keep reminding me that I can rent if I have to and a foot is pretty much immobile in a ski boot.  Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to be getting out of it.

My body seems to be in complete revolt.  I’ve been getting terrible migraines during the first day or so of my cycle and I’ve been getting some seriously nasty breakouts.  Most of my life, I’ve had pretty easy skin but this last year I’ve become a spotted mess.  I know it’s time to take a good long look at my diet…but…ugh.

I really, really,  really want a couple of these chairs.

We have a party coming up on Friday and I can not wait.  February is an awful month.  Some frivolity (and red wine) are definitely in order.

A blogger I follow wrote a great post on children’s book authors.  I was very lucky to have an elementary school teacher for a mom.  She knew how to pick the best books and did great read-alouds.  Even know she recommends some of the best books.  What were some of your favorites from when you were little?  When your kids were little?

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