Fluted Cowl (Take Two)

When you are planning your first trip to Disney World as an adult and have no idea where to begin – you call in an expert.  Some people call a travel agent.  I called my friend, Kristi.  She basically walked me through everything, answered all my questions, and never made me feel like an idiot.  Not even when I texted her from Magic Kingdom and said, “This place is amazing.  Even the bathrooms are THEMED.”

When a person spends so much time helping you and you think you’ll never be able to repay them but then they try and (jokingly) steal the cowl you made for a mutual friend, lightbulbs go off.

And you tell them to pick a color.  And order yarn that very same day.  And cast on the minute it arrives.


Because you are getting to thank someone for their amazing skills and knowledge with your own set of skills and knowledge.

And that feels really, really good.

Pattern is Purl Bee’s Fluted Cowl knit in Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino colorway Timeless Navy

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