Tuesday Things

Off the needles:  Rayures (with a twist)
On the needles: Socks in Lorna’s Laces Go Vikings (which goes to show you how much I love the recipient and as soon as they’re done I’m cleansing my palette), I’m also finishing up the Purl Bee Fluted Cowl hopefully this week.  (Just in time for spring).
Read: Good in Bed and Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.  Looking for another book suggestion.
Watching: All the usuals.  Nashville and Scandal.  The Mindy Project is my newest love.  I just started watching season 2.  I’m gearing up for Game of Thrones in April.  So glad HBO decided to offer subscription service without the cable.  I was going to have to visit my brother’s stinky boy apartment otherwise.
It appears as if we are approaching spring.  I’m leery being that it’s March, but we’ve had just GORGEOUS days with melted snow and mud and sunshine and sidewalk chalk.  
And I’m still trying to get this whole domain/blog thing figured out.  Hopefully, I’ll have it all situated by tomorrow.  Either way, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m working with someone to help design/move me back to WordPress.  Thanks for being patient and trying to find me where ever I am.
Happy Tuesday!

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