Tuesday Things (late)

On the needles: I’m still working away at Purl Bee’s Fluted Cowl.  I also cast on for some socks. 
Off the needles: Nothing, but I’m reaching the deadline on my Rayures so it will be done by Saturday.
(re)Reading: Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner
Watching: The Mindy Project and House of Cards.  I’m feeling kinda of “eh” about the new season but The Mindy Project has me laughing.  
You know when God (or the universe, or life, or whatever you happen to believe) wants you to get a message and it just keeps popping up all over the place?  I’m quite positive that is happening here. First there was this post in my FB feed (also, the new “save” feature on FB? So genius).  Then I fell down the internet rabbit hole while looking for a dress and stumbled on the Already Pretty and The Militant Baker (warning: language) blogs.  Add to that my book choice for the week (I received the sequel as a gift and completely forgot the first one, so I’m having to reread) and I’m getting SLAMMED with the body acceptance message.  I have lots of thoughts (enough that I’m sure I’ll devote a blog post to it sooner or later) and no defined conclusions, but you know something is going on when you keep stumbling into the same message.  Also:  I know I’ve linked to this already but it’s my inspiration on days when I don’t want to work out.   

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