Tuesday Things

I’ve been following this etsy shop for at least a year.  I always tell myself that I’m going to get one of these lovely terrariums and then…I don’t.  Someone told me it’s next to impossible to kill an air plant, but if it can be killed, I will kill it.
On the Needles:  Socks.  
Off the Needles:  Socks.
It’s just a revolving door of socks.
Watching: Really haven’t watched a whole lot this week.  Scandal because I had to find out if Jake really died.  I started watching Silicon Valley because I feel like I have to get my money’s worth out of my HBO subscription.  I’m finding this season to be just “eh”.
Reading:  “One Plus One” by JoJo Moyes.  I’m not even 100 pages in so I can’t really say how I feel yet.  I AM excited that Jules is starting the book club up again.  All The Light We Can Not See has been on my list so this will finally be the push.
What’s new with you this week?  

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  • Good for you for getting a pair of socks off the needles! I would love for my knitting to be a revolving door of socks 🙂 . I finished the fingerless mittens for my daughter and went to the yarn store hoping to find a sock yarn that was cotton, rather than wool. They said they were getting some in shortly, so (in order to always have a project on the go, which is the only way my universe makes sense, haha) I picked up a beautiful ball of merino that I thought would work for a pair of fingerless mitts for me. I'm just having trouble settling on a pattern, so am feeling a bit at sea right now! (I really should know by now that it's not a good idea for me to buy things unless I have a specific pattern in mind!).

    Other than that, I am so looking forward to my daughter coming home from university today!! (And still in the midst of getting ready for company arriving on Friday!)

    Have a good week, Kate!

    • I understand needing to always have a project! I have two going currently (a shawl and some socks) and I received yarn for a sweater I want to knit my son so I'm thinking of winding that up and casting on a third. I try to keep it down to two projects though, so I might have to finish this shawl.

      AND I completely agree about buying yarn without a project in mind. I have a few things sitting in my stash that I bought because I loved them but had no clue what I would do them and…there they sit.

      Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter and company!