He turned 6

Ten kindergarten boys bowling do not lend themselves to remembering the camera.  We got shoes on them, loaded them up with glow sticks (the bowling alley kindly gave us the “Thunder Bowl” treatment with disco ball, black lights, and a whole lot of flashing whirligigs), and then tried to keep them from falling all over each other or down the lane.  It was a loud, gambolling group and I completely spaced my camera until it was time for pizza and cake.  We had a blast and I hope they all did as well.
I have a hard time believing that my baby turned six when it feels like this happened just yesterday:

But for all his growing up – his love of chocolate cake has not changed.  He gave me a stern talking to when he found out I ordered marble.  Thankfully, I had time to call the bakery and change the order.

His favorite things include t-ball, cars, and carrots and dip.  Trying to put long pants on the kid is a battle even in January.  He loves rap music and thinks the words poop and fart are hilarious (do boys ever outgrow that?).  Most nights he reads to me now instead of the other way around and I’m still blown away by how quickly that transition happened.  His facial expressions and commentary on life make me laugh almost daily.  He still loves to snuggle up and twirl my hair when he’s tired and because I know that will probably come to an end soon, I try to soak up every minute.

And whenever I tell him that he’s getting too big and I wish he’d slow down he very seriously reminds me that “I have to get bigger mom because that’s the way it works. but I’ll always be your baby.”


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  • Oh, this brings back such good memories for me. It's been a hard year for my son and me, which involved me finally acknowledging that he is not the sweet little boy he once was. But he is turning into a sweet young man, in his own way. Transitions can be hard. If you can figure out the slowing down trick, share. Moms everywhere will worship you. 🙂 Glad you had such a good birthday party–it looks like lots of fun.

    • I really wish I could figure out how to slow it all down. Since I can't, I'm comforting myself with the fact that we are having a very good time now. And while it's a bit macabre, I find it comforting to think that his growing up and becoming more independent beats the alternative.