Tuesday Things

Warning:  This post has no theme and is basically just a bunch of non sequiturs about the random bits of life here lately.  It does not thoughtfully discuss important issues or concerns and in fact, contains no life changing information at any point.  But then, that shouldn’t be a surprise, because this isn’t that kind of blog.  Happy Tuesday!!


My sister and nephew came to visit me last weekend.  I forgot how adorable and busy toddlers can be.  And I miss my sister.

I finished my first shawl.  Except for blocking.  I still have two projects to finish to make my August knitting goals.

School supply and clothes shopping?  Done and done.  It feels so good.  (Also:  I love school uniforms.  Sooooo many cute clothes out there, I know I’d blow our budget if I wasn’t looking at just khakis and polos.)

We bought a piano.  My mom’s friend posted it on Facebook and a whole lot of craziness ensued, but it’s here and it’s tuned (it took two times to get it in pitch) and it’s beautiful and I love it.  Now I just need to buy myself some sheet music and set up lessons for the kids.  It feels wonderful to have a musical instrument in the house again.

I only have one interior wall on the whole main floor that will fit a piano.  One.  I think that is what they call an open floor plan.

Today I had to bite the bullet and rearrange my dining room around the piano.  I don’t know if it’s going to work.  I do know that I’d rather have a piano than a dining room table I use 10 times a year so we’ll see.

I haven’t been using my camera or updating my “family yearbook” as much as a should.

I think I need some house plants.  I’m a bit of a black thumb but my house gets beautiful light.  Any suggestions for easy plants to get me started?  Where do you even FIND indoor plants??

The other day I decided I should purge something but I really wasn’t in the mood for the work (and it was HOT).  So I deleted all my pinterest boards and started over.  It was very cathartic actually.  I’ve since created five boards, four of which have to do with crafting, and two of those which have to do with knitting.  I know my passions.

And that is the hodge-podge of things going on in my life at the moment.

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  • Yay, you finished your shawl! I do hope you share a photo once it’s blocked, as I’d love to see it 🙂 . (I just finished a hat for my daughter, and now have to finish up a pair of fingerless mittens, and then I want to make another hat).

    A piano!! That’s wonderful! We have our piano in our dining room too. It’s a bit crowded, but it works just fine for us (we hardly ever use the dining table for meals anyway; it’s our 16 year-old’s homework station).

    Houseplants … golden pothos and ivy are incredibly easy to grow. If you have plenty of light a jade or a norfolk pine will do well, as will African violets (which should always be watered from the saucer and not directly onto the dirt). Ferns are a bit dicey, as they prefer a humid environment. I get my plants at greenhouses (they often have a houseplant section) or just at the grocery store in the floral department. (Don’t know if you have cats, but some cats like to eat plants, and many of them are poisonous; your kids I think are old enough to know better, I would imagine … ?)

    Oh, I can completely empathize with the need to PURGE something!!! I’m going through a phase of that too, but here too, it’s been WAY too hot to work too hard! I did do a small purge and re-folded our 10 year-old’s t-shirts using the KonMari method (despite the fact that I haven’t yet read the book; I’m now 25th in line at the library!). Anyway, he was pretty impressed with how he could see ALL his shirts 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the plant selections. I think I’m going to take myself to a nursery the minute the kids are in school and find myself some plants. We don’t have cats though that may happen in the future so it’s good to know. 🙂

      And yes, I’ll definitely share my shawl once it’s finished blocking. I’m giving it a good long soak so I can do a light blocking tonight.