Tonight as I was tucking Violet into bed we started talking about her favorite stuffy.  He’s been around since her first birthday and at this point he’s basically a smooshed flat pancake of what was once a stuffed wolf.  She mentioned that she wondered what he looked like when she first got him.  I thought it’d be fun to show her so after I came downstairs, I did a google search but couldn’t find a picture.

I decided to start digging through old pictures to see if I could find a picture of him before he became the well-loved version he is today. And that’s when I stumbled on this:


Trying to wash that off her was like trying to wrangle a greased watermelon.  She was slippery for days.

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    • I really need to get over my need for a “perfect” picture system and just put them in albums. I forgot how much I’ve forgotten and looking through them brought back some really good memories. It’d be nice to have them in a book to flip through. I think that is going to be goal for 2016.

  • Oh, I love this! Getting sucked into photos of my kids when they were small is something I do more often than I’d like to admit. Those days were so delicious.

    And I still have my stuffy that I can’t remember ever looking good/new. Teddy is bald in many places, missing an eye, and has visible stitches from where I reinforced his neck as a teen. I took him to college with me. I’m not exactly sure where he is now, but I know I still have him in a box somewhere in the garage. I could never part with him. Never will. 🙂

    • I love that you still have your stuffy! I’m still sometimes amazed that Wolfie is still with us. He’s been shipped from hotel lost and founds, had “Lost, reward if found” posters put up on trees in our old neighborhood, and he was ALMOST left on a plane in Mexico but was brought out to us by an understanding flight attendant since we weren’t allowed back on the plane to retrieve him. At this point, I’m scared that our luck with run out and I’m almost as attached as she is simply because he’s been around for so long.

      I really should find pictures of his “before” and “after”. Of course, his before isn’t terribly before because we had no idea he was going to be so loved until he was already loved.