September Goals

Last week I noticed that I’ve been getting notices about the blog 31 days in October series that takes over the internet each year around this time.

I’ve tried it.  A couple of times I’ve even done a pretty good job with it.

And I really started thinking about how I’d like to do it again this year.

Except I can’t even manage to post my goals for September until we are halfway through the month.

Anyway, I think I’ll be skipping that.

Here’s a few pictures from this month:


The kids went back to school.  Violet has even asked me to do her hair most mornings.  Considering 90% of our arguments last year started because she didn’t even want to brush her hair, I’m thinking third grade is bringing about some changes.  Abram is loving in first grade though he’s jealous of his sister’s homework.  He was so thrilled when his teacher sent home a worksheet.  (And then there is me who thinks elementary school students with homework is ridiculous, but my kids seem to love it, so what do I know?!?)



The weather here has been beautiful and we had some landscaping done so we’ve been watering our sod.  The kids have been taking our evening watering as an opportunity to run through the sprinklers.  That last gasp until summer is really over.

As for my August goals, I actually did pretty well.

Fully complete my checklist every day.  

Well, maybe not every day, but I’ve been much better about regular bedtimes and wake times and making sure to eat protein at breakfast.

Finish 3 knitting projects:
– Henslowe shawl
– 1 pair of socks
– Over-the-Top top

I’m so close on the sweater – maybe a couple more hours and some finish work but I have a deadline on another pair of socks and Christmas knitting is starting to kick in.  I’m happy I finished the Henslowe and socks.  I think I may have been overly ambitious trying to finish all three.

Rearrange the work area in the kitchen so it’s more of a homework station for Violet and Abram.

Get back into the groove of making dinner by cooking at least 2 nights a week. 

Boom.  Granted some of those nights dinner making consisted of grilled cheese and salad, but if we weren’t going out, I’m calling it a win.

Finish my home projects plan.

Not even close.


1. Purge & get home office/craft room set up.

2. Knitting.

  • Start and finish birthday socks
  • Wind and start Christmas gift hat, socks, and sweater
  • Donate or sell stash yarn that I will not be using

3. Keep plugging away on that daily checklist.

4. Handwrite a note each week.

5. Wear my UP band each day.


And let me tell you…I’m not doing very well on those as of now, but now that I’ve written them out here in cyberspace, hopefully I’ll be a little more dedicated for the last half of the month.

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  • I struggle with goals and lists as well — I nearly always end up getting side-tracked by something or other — but I think that’s just part of life as a mom with young (or young-ish) kids. I have purging goals as well, and did manage to get one pile where it was supposed to go, wahoo! It does feel great when the stuff is finally out of the house, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always figured a tiny bit of homework for elementary kids was a good thing; not a huge amount, just enough to get them somewhat used to it so they aren’t completely overwhelmed come high school.

    I’m impressed that you’ve managed the 31 days blogging thing in the past! I don’t know how people do it…I can barely manage a post every two weeks πŸ™

    • I love cleaning out and purging. My daughter and husband are keepers. The other day I was accused of throwing away memories. So I’ve had to rein it in some.

      My mom (a teacher) and I have gotten into quite a few discussions about the benefits/costs of homework. I never had a problem doing it and my kids don’t either so I don’t really know why I’m so opposed. I just think childhood is short and they spend so much time sitting at desks in the classroom they shouldn’t have to turn around and do it when they come home from school.

      My two most successful 31 days were when I used to write at a different blog. One was advice for my children and one was on finding joy. Posts were a lot shorter and I wrote a few ahead. Otherwise, I never would have done it. My personal favorite was family meal time but i didn’t make it all 31 days. πŸ™‚

  • I love your take on the first-day photo–so sweet. And hearing you on the half-way through September before posting the goals thing. I think September tends to be that kind of month for those of us who live by the school calendar. You are reminding me that if I want to be making Christmas gifts, I’d better start getting on that. Sigh. πŸ™‚

    • The joys of making for Christmas! I actually sat down the other day and made a list of the people I’m gifting and then decided if I was doing handmade or bought. I just can’t do as many handmade gifts as I’d like or I’d be knitting every moment from now until Christmas.