Violet spotted a dragon fruit while we were at the supermarket and wanted to try it. I had no idea what to expect from inside or even how we were going to eat it.  Youtube is amazing.


Jesse had a birthday.  The day itself ended up being rather terrible so we decided to call “redo” and have a “fancy” family dinner.  Or at least as fancy as it can be with paper towel napkins (don’t kill me, Marian.) because I somehow have never managed to purchase cloth napkins. The kids loved setting the table and using wine glasses as water goblets.



I wound a lot of yarn.


A future pair of socks.


A future hat.


A future sweater.

I still haven’t finished the sweater I was making for myself, but I did finish a simple little fall cowl and I’ve been reading a great deal.

Things have been simple and quiet and good.  We’re busy with home projects, and homework, and soccer practice.  My list of things to do grows faster than I can check things off but nothing to get in a tizzy over.  It’s a happy rhythm where I go to sleep tired and wake up excited.  I think that’s about as perfect of a life as you can get.

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  • “Don’t kill me, Marian” — oh my gosh, Kate, this made me burst out laughing 🙂 . I know you do lots of “green” things already, and hey, no one’s perfect! (But if we were neighbours I confess I’d be offering an outing to the fabric store and then whipping up some cloth napkins for you 😉 (all in a — hopefully! — totally non-pushy way, that is)).

    I’m drooling over all the yarn, and the winder (I still just ask the store owner to wind for me).

    Your last paragraph, particularly the last two sentences, made me smile for you — that kind of contentment is a wonderful spot to be in, and I’m so glad you’re there 🙂

    • Ha! I’m glad you got a kick out of that. I always go to buy a set and then say, “nah, I want to make them” but never get around to it. I went so far as to buy material which sat unused for multiple years before I passed it along to a friend who WOULD use it. If we were neighbors I’d definitely take you up on the offer. Instead, I should just go buy some!

      And wouldn’t you know it after writing about how wonderful things are – this morning was just a BEAST. It always seems to go that way! Hoping the rest of the day is smoother!!

    • And yes, the swift and wonder are LOVELY! My local yarn shop is 2 1/2 hours away so I order a lot online and my husband was tired of being my yarn holder so he bought them for me for Christmad a few years back. I’m a lucky girl!!

      • I just had to pop back in to commiserate with you on the yarn shop being 2 and 1/2 hours away! Yikes – yarn is such a tactile thing! So to have to buy it online…that would be hard. I imagine you must stick to tried-and-true favourites? (All that being said, MY yarn store, while very close by, is teeny tiny, and while I really, really want to support them, I would love it if they had a bigger selection. I’ve been really tempted, in the last while, to go online where I know I’d find more choice…)

        • I do tend to buy a lot of tried and true favs though I’ve been trying things that favorite bloggers have been sharing on their blogs and podcasts. It’s very fun if sometimes less than ideal!