The Nice World We Live In


Just a happy little story from my world today:

My mom has a friend she’s known since high school.  I don’t think we’ve even seen each other since I was little, little (like under 10) but we are friends on ravelry because needlework people are a nice bunch.

When she posted a picture of a Pete the Cat she had crocheted, I asked her if I could twist her arm into making one for Abram because I have no idea how to crochet (and I need another hobby like a hole in the head) but Pete the Cat is his absolute FAVORITE.  She obliged.


And included this adorable hat for Violet.  (She spent all night last night “sassy catwalking” – her words, not mine – with it.  Why don’t they listen to our requests to stop growing up so quickly?!?!)  I need to find the pattern she used because I’m soooo making one for me.


It was such a wonderful, happy package that I had to get out my good camera and get pictures to share with her.  And then with you.

This yarny world is awesome.

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