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  • Love seeing the things you’d like to knit. Would Bulle be for Violet or for yourself? (The pockets look very cute, done in a different colour). Hermione’s Everyday Socks are on my mental list as well. I have to admit I’m a sucker for anything that’s remotely connected with HP 🙂

    What do you have on your needles now?

  • I’m just starting another pair of cuff down socks. I have a few projects that I pick up and put down that I should really photograph and share, but the lighting has been terrible for pictures any time I try to get my camera out.

    LOVE Harry Potter anything as well. I have yarn stashed for a pair of muggle struggle knee length socks (basically it’s a section of all the house colors separated by a cream band with cream cuff, heel, and toes) but just can’t seem to get around to them. Knee length scare me a bit because I have to account for calf shaping.

    Bulle is for Violet. They have a grown up pattern and depending on how I like Violet’s, I may attempt it but I’m not sure. I love that pop of color too!! Do you have anything on needles besides socks?

    • I have only the one project on the go right now (the blue socks). I much prefer one project at a time — I’m horribly indecisive and easily overwhelmed, so this means I just have to decide to pick up my knitting, as opposed to deciding which knitting to pick up!

      I’m with you on knee length socks — calf shaping would be the thing that would scare me off too.

      In The Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules”, Stephanie said that in her experience with socks, a K2P2 cuff seems to hold the socks up on the leg slightly better than a K1P1 cuff. Do you have any thoughts on this, Kate?

      • I actually almost always do a K3P1. I really don’t like how my K1P1’s look or feel and I’ve only used it once. I’ve done a few K2P2 – especially if I’m doing a long cuff, but I think a k3 works better on the 1-2 inch cuffs.

        I completely understand monogamous knitting. I was the same way until I started trying lace knitting – because there were times when I wanted to knit but didn’t want to have to focus I’d have a couple projects going at once. Now I sometimes suffer the decision issues you mention. 🙂