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Making a Murderer

I’d be surprised if this Netflix documentary isn’t already on your radar. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about a man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit only to end up charged (and convicted of) murder (along with his nephew).

It was quite eerie to watch – not only because of the story – but because it’s based on names I’d heard before within a setting that is only 30 minutes away from where I went to high school.  And after watching it, I spent a good deal of time reading more about the case and I have no idea what to think.

Whether Stephan (and/or his nephew) are innocent is a topic of debate but what this documentary illustrated was that our justice system has serious flaws.  Especially in regards to those who are poor or are “not so bright” (I can’t find a word to say that where I’m not uncomfortable, so I’m just going to quote one of the lawyers.) I want everyone to watch it just so I can hear their thoughts on it. I’m still just baffled.


The Good Wife

I have a friend who recommends shows quite regularly because she knows that I watch hours upon hours while furiously knitting. This is one of her recommendations. And I’ve been watching it pretty exclusively for the last two weeks. I like it.  Interesting, well-acted characters. A larger story arc built in to a courtroom drama where each episode neatly tidies up the case (but not necessarily the characters lives). In the time I’ve been watching, I find that I enjoy many of the peripheral characters more than the main ones, but what I like most is that many of the female characters are smart, complex, and interesting.


Downton Abbey

I was just telling Marian in an email yesterday that I could watch and rewatch Downton forever.  If only for the costuming.  Add that it’s an English period drama with a great setting and great acting and great characters, I’m pretty much content.  Sadly, this is the last season so soon I will be forced to rewatching episodes to get my fix of Carson and the Dowager Countess (oh Dame Maggie Smith, I just love you).  And this is another one of those things where I have to say to my mother that she was right. She kept telling me I should watch because I would love it, and I really truly do.  (She’s a wise woman, my mom.)

What are you currently watching? I think I need some silly comedy or something to break up all the drama.

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  • I don’t have any comedic Netflix series to recommend, unfortunately (and sadly, not even any non-comedic ones), but I will mention a few movies we watched (on Netflix or iTunes) over the holidays, on the off-chance you haven’t seen them yet. (They ARE all children’s movies, though … what can I say 😉 ). There was Inside Out, which we all loved, and Home, which actually greatly exceeded my low expectations. My favourite though, was the Shaun The Sheep Movie, which was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Great for kids; great for adults too!! (But I am a sucker for nearly anything that comes out of Aardman Studios). My daughter and I also watched the documentary Cowspiracy over the holidays. Great food for thought, not a children’s selection, but definitely not comedic!

    Have you seen Miss Potter? Talking about Downton has reminded me of it. It’s an adult English period piece movie about Beatrix Potter. I loved it, although looking it up now, I see that it didn’t get stellar reviews.

    • I love Aardman Studios as well. Wallace and Gromit are my absolute favorite. Gromit even knits!!! 🙂 But I haven’t watched Shaun the Sheep Movie. My mom took my kids to it when it came out in theaters so I never had an excuse and then it fell off my radar. I’m adding that to my list. We have watched Inside Out and Home and I enjoyed them both. I haven’t ever HEARD of Cowspiracy so I’ll definitely have to look that up as well as Miss Potter because I wrote that down the last time you recommended it, but haven’t gotten a chance to find it.

      • Star Trek, Downton, and now Wallace and Gromit … I’m beginning to think we’re twins who were separated at birth 😉 . I LOVE Wallace and Gromit! I’m blown away, each and every time I see them — the creativity and artistry, the incredible attention to detail, and the utter charm of these films!! And the fact that Gromit KNITS! Swoon! 😉 I imagine you’ve seen all the short Shaun The Sheep films, as well as all the Wallace and Gromit short films, including their Cracking Contraptions?

        • I haven’t even HEARD of Cracking Contraptions! I’m not sure if I watched all their shorts (I really should look up and see what I’ve missed) but I absolutely LOVED The Wrong Trousers/A Close Shave and A Grand Day Out.

          I, too, am beginning to think we may just be kindred because I was reading your Christmas comments to Rita about Settlers of Catan and Scrabble. Scrabble is our go-to family game but my brother introduced us to Settlers of Catan this year and I’m hooked! We absolutely love it!!

  • I’ve been seeing references to Murderer all over, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I will. Just finished Hart of Dixie, which ended last spring. When I first started watching it, I didn’t really understand why I watched it. I thought the lead actress was a fairly terrible actress, and the characters were unbelievable. But I kept watching. I got hooked. As I started the 4th (last season), I realized the show had pretty much left all semblance of reality–but I actually liked it more this way. It’s set in the fictional Alabama town of Bluebell, and I realized it had come to seem to me much like Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow–an almost magical, unreal place. And the characters are even more unbelievable than they were in the beginning, but in a better way. I went back to watch the season 1 pilot, and I was able to see right away how much the show had changed. I think in the first episode (and probably season), it was trying to walk some line between real and unreal. I liked it better when it crossed over into not-real. Anyway, I don’t know if you’d like it. It surprised me that I did. If you have Amazon Prime, you have to check out Mr. Selfredge. Very Downton-esque.I really liked season 1, and have just started season 2.

    • Please do!! I want everyone to watch it just so I can hear what they think of it!! I’ll have to see if I can find Mr. Selfredge – you’re the third person to mention it to me. I don’t have Amazon Prime but maybe iTunes?

      And sometimes I really love those shows that aren’t believable or real but are just kind of like cotton candy. Pretty Little Liars was like that for me. 🙂

      • Oh, I remember when my daughter was all about those Liars! They were so horrible. I’d find myself getting sucked in as I walked past the TV. It was sort of like going past a bad accident, where you feel like a jerk for staring, but you just can’t help yourself. 🙂