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It snowed. The big beautiful snow I’ve been wanting all winter. Earlier this week we played at the park without coats. Spring in Wisconsin.

And the kids were home because they’ve been home all week for spring break. (I forget how much NOISE kids make all day long. It’s lovely having them home but it is NEVER quiet.)

I need to make more of an effort to pick up my camera. I’m so often saying, “Eh, I don’t feel like going and getting my camera.” and then I miss the pictures. Earlier this week, Abram was at one end of the table with the fuse beads and Violet was at the other with her fuse bead project and along the table they had built a circular train track. Abram would load the box cars with the color Violet was using and turn on the battery operated engine. The train would travel to Violet who would turn it off, work her project and then turn the engine back on so that it could be refilled. They did this for close to 30 minutes and it was so adorable. But I was busy folding laundry and putting away dishes and I just didn’t have time to get the camera. By the time I had time, they were done and had (miraculously) picked up after themselves and the moment was lost. Which is why I’m writing it here, because I know I won’t remember it otherwise and it was so DEAR.

Now the snow is melting and dripping (spring in Wisconsin – it won’t stick for long) and soon it will be the weekend. And then the kids will be back in school. I will be both grateful and sad for the quiet.

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  • Oh, I envy you the snow — we just got rain 🙁 .

    The beads and the train going around the table is so sweet, Kate — it’s so lovely to see one’s kids getting along and working/playing together (versus all the OTHER times when they’re NOT!). I so enjoy reading your stories about your kids — they so often trigger warm and happy memories of MY kids when they were that young 🙂 .

    • We ended up getting eleven inches. It was the second “good” snowfall we got this year (it was SUCH a mild winter) and I know I’m in the minority around here, but I’m glad we got a little extra dose. But now I’m over it and am ready for spring.

      I read in a book (Nurture Shock, I think) that siblings that argue are more likely to be close when they’re older (they argue because they’re playing and interacting with each other is the premise) so I take comfort in that when they squabble. And we’ve CERTAINLY had those moments this week. I’m trying to not get involved and let them figure it out on their own, but it’s like nails on a chalkboard when they do disagree!! It makes the sweet times that much more enjoyable, though, right?!? 😉

  • It is so crazy that you have all that snow! Our daffodils are just about spent. We’ve had plenty of rain, but still: Spring sprung several weeks ago.

    I love seeing these photos of your children. Some of my favorites are of the slices of story–the boots, the hand holding the egg. There is something about paying attention to the small things and filling the frame with them. I would like to do that more in my own life.

    I hope your last few days of break are full of good things. We are on break, too. It is feeling too short. I would like another week. One school in our district has a nearly year-round schedule. They will have 3 weeks for spring, which sounds lovely to me. They have only 6 weeks at summer, but that sounds lovely to me, too. Much more balance year-round.

    Great to hear from you–

    • Two or three winters ago we had a huge snowstorm May 2. We had so much snow that winter that it was up over our basketball hoop from clearing our driveway. I was so ready for summer!!! This year, our winter has been really mild and we have hardly had snow or cold at all. I’m hoping it’s the last snowfall in the season, but I wouldn’t be surprised to get at least one more (though I’d be surprised to have it stick). One of my favorite things about blogs, instagram, etc. is getting to see how different the climate can be in other areas of the country.

      My mom is a teacher and we talk about all things education quite a bit. She and I have talked about the appeal of year around school and while I can understand it (especially from an educator’s summer-slide point of view) I have to say I love having one big stretch in the summer. The idea of having my kids home for 3 weeks while there is a high probability of still having snow on the ground terrifies me – especially when it’s so close to the two weeks of Christmas!! 😛

    • Ooh and I forgot to say that you picked my two favorites too! That boot was a story in and of itself. He took that and his sock off three times because he felt something (he’s very Princess and the Pea about things sometimes). I never could find the problem on the offending sock, so I just had to get him a new pair of socks. 🙂

  • I like seeing the weather in other places, too. It reminds me that my experience is not everyone’s. And I hear you on the fear of being snowbound. One year, when my kids were in first grade (I think), we had a huge snowstorm the first week back from winter break. We went to school Monday, and then we were home for the rest of the week. Stuck inside, with a different calamity each day: The power is out! We can’t flush the toilets! The melting snow has pushed the chimney off the house! And that’s not even taking into the account the million million games of Sorry!, the worst family board game ever.