RIP Merle

I’ve always kind of rolled my eyes a little bit when people get verklempt over the death of a celebrity.

And then today I read that Merle Haggard passed away.

I feel a little like I’ve lost a favorite uncle.

Because there wasn’t a single get together with my dad’s family that didn’t involve Merle.

I just can’t hear his music without thinking of my dad and my gram.

So tonight I’m listening to that Okie from Muskogee and remembering the bonfires and beers and saying a big thank you. Mr. Merle Haggard may have left this earth, but he’s left his music and his mark on my memory.

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    • It’s amazing to me just how much a certain song or type of music can make us think of a certain person or place. My memories are so vivid they almost feel tangible when it comes to old school country music. If that makes sense?

      • This is precisely it, Kate. I’m also not one to follow and “mourn” celebrities when they pass away; however, when those celebrities have created something which so impacts/informs/colours our life … well then, you can’t help but give pause to it, can you?

        • Yes!!! That’s exactly it! We’ve been playing a lot of country the last few days. It makes me wonder what my kids will consider their soundtrack?