A Weekend













We celebrated a birthday. Ate good food. Fought off Violet’s unknown allergy with lots off Benadryl (poor thing had hives and puffy eyes almost the whole weekend). Rode zip lines. Made s’mores. Worked on some graduation party decorations. Swam (because kids don’t care about the temperature in the lake). Fished. Played games. Chased each other down with bb guns (and intelligently used the six year old as cover).

I always come home after a weekend at the cabin tired, overwhelmed at the quantity of laundry amassed, and grateful.

P.S. The socks I’m currently working on are a birthday present for Violet because she’s been asking for a second pair. Yarn is from The Lemonade Shop. Colorway: Blue Fluffy Unicorn

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  • Poor Violet 🙁 — I hope she’s feeling better? Apart from that, it looks like it was a wonderful family weekend.. Gorgeous cabin! And I’m really intrigued by the graduation decorations — strips of fabric knotted around a string to make a swag? And yes, the laundry after a trip is always an overwhelming thing!

    • I hope Violet’s feeling better too! She had an event at school today that she DID NOT want to miss and her eyes weren’t still swollen, so she did go. I’ll pick her up in a little bit and see how she felt. 🙂 Yes, we made at least 50 feet of swag over the weekend (with 4 of us working on them) and I can’t wait to see how my SIL uses them all. We were joking that she’ll have to rent them out after she’s done with them. SO MUCH FABRIC.

  • What a wonderful weekend! Making great memories, even with allergies. I’m wondering if you find that your camera helps you experience it more, or less. I find myself not taking pics because I’m not good enough with it. I have to give it to much attention and then I’m not fully present. So I don’t take many photos these days.

    • About two years ago, I was practicing a lot so I would shoot about 10 minutes throughout the day and get great shots because I could “see” the picture as it was setting up. Now I feel like it takes me a lot more time to get less. I’m hoping that by carrying around my camera more, I’ll get back into the habit of “seeing” pictures because I love taking pictures of day to day things and looking through them later.

      But I can definitely see the benefit of putting down the camera and enjoying the moment. I was so annoyed at the Beyonce concert last week because EVERYONE had their out phone recording the concert. I had left mine back at the hotel room and I was completely surrounded by screens. So weird.

      • I get that–when I’m writing regularly, it comes differently. Usually, more easily. I’ve been out of practice the past few weeks, and now I’m finding it hard to get started again. The ideas have dried up, and the words come out slowly and clunkily. (I’m going to say that’s a word.) Never occurred to me that photography would be the same way, but now it makes perfect sense. Maybe I’ll play with that this summer…