Still Standing, But Barely

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This week has been an absolute whirlwind of awesome.

On Wednesday, my parents came into town so we could go to dinner and see Paul Simon. Such a great show. On Thursday, my parents stayed in town to watch the kids while Jesse and I went to Country Fest (hence the pigtails and cowboy hat). Neal McCoy, Randy Houser (I hadn’t heard of him before), and Dierks Bentley (swoon) played excellent shows. Friday I hung out with my parents until it was time for them to head home and then I stayed up way, way, way too late to finish a special pair of socks for a special lady’s graduation party (in purple because it is both her high school and future college color). Saturday we celebrated Abram’s birthday with the four of us before heading to before mentioned graduation party. Sunday morning we had bagels, donuts, and cake with family for Father’s Day and the two birthdays we had this week.

Today, I am doing nothing. Except working on my Desert Vista Dyeworks sock club socks because I’m way behind schedule and have very limited time to get them done. Especially if I’m going to finish Violet’s fluffy unicorn socks before her birthday in July. (All socks, all the time)

If you want details on the purple pair of socks you can find them here. And I ordered the cute care instruction tags (the instructions are on the back) from here.

What’s new in your corner of the world?

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  • The photo of you and your husband is too cute for words. Seriously. As is the card attached to your socks. I cannot wait to see the fluffy unicorn socks. I can’t even imagine what such socks would look like, but I am sure they will be fabulous-awesome.

    We had a similar kind of whirlwind weekend recently, and while it was wonderful I was also exhausted at the end of it. I hope you have a restful day today. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rita!

      I wish fluffy unicorn socks were more cool than the name of the yarn I’m using. I DO think the yarn is very appropriately named however and they’re going to be very cute for my soon to be nine year old.

  • I’m with Rita — that is a fantastic picture of you and your husband 🙂 . So glad for you that you were able to have that time with each other!

    Gorgeous socks! I’m thinking they’re Hermione’s everyday socks? (The Ravelry link isn’t working for me.) I love the purple, and that tag is THE BEST! I may just be on schedule for actually finishing a PAIR of socks this month — which makes me very happy, but it means I’ve not done ANY reading whatsoever in June, which does not make me very happy …

    School is winding down for us. My 17 year old has his last day of classes and first exam on Wednesday, and then two more exams on Monday. My 11 year-old is done next Wednesday. This week I’ll be spending a ton of time in the library, purging and organizing … which means I won’t be able to get much sewing done …

    • Good eye! They are Hermione’s everyday socks and I fixed the link (I think) so thanks for the heads up on that.I have to admit, I read far fewer books now that I’m knitting. I still manage some quite a few (especially now that I’m reading a lot of junior and YA fiction), but I don’t sew or cook NEARLY as much as you do!! I hope you’ll share a picture of your socks once you finish them!!!!

      AND thank you for the nice comment about the picture of Jesse and me.

      Good luck in the library!