It Begins












Poor Violet missed her last day of school due to strep.

But we’ve gotten some antibiotics in her and have kicked off summer vacation.

So far we’ve:

-gone to the library
-baked muffins
-written some letters
-made up a game involving an old mop handle, a giant ball, and a basketball hoop (I didn’t get the rules, so just took pictures)
-gone swimming (I watched)
-practiced making our beds and picking up our rooms first thing in the morning
-gone to lunch with our Granny and Grandpa
-had a daily dance party
-played trains
-climbed trees and practiced cartwheels (I didn’t do that one either)
-read a lot

It’s been a pretty productive summer so far. I’m really struggling with my camera right now, but I’m hoping with continued practice I’ll have an easier time. (I’m missing my D90)

How about you?

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  • “It’s been a pretty productive summer so far”. This made me laugh out loud, because holy moly no kidding, that list goes on and on!!! I’m so glad you’re off to such a good start 🙂 . I have to say I SO miss the train set days! I’m starting to get a bit worried about how my 11 year old is going to occupy himself this summer; I need to do some thinking and planning in the next three weeks, before he gets out of school…

    To my completely untrained eye, your photos look great … what happened to your D90? Did you upgrade? (My husband has a D80 and has been wanting a new camera for quite a while now, but I (killer of dreams that I am) keep throwing out roadblocks.)

    • Thank you for your comment about the photos. I bought my D90 used from a good friend of mine and after a few years of use, decided it had been well loved so it was time to get a new one. I have a D7100 now and they’re similar but I knew exactly what I was going to get with my D90, and I still get surprises with my new one. And a LOT more color cast. (I’m going to have to learn to set white balance). And I really wish I would have made the extra jump into a full frame. I recently tried out a D750 and LOVED it (except for the price tag $$$$$)

      I was just thinking yesterday how wonderful it has been with the kids busy and playing and NOT fighting and how I was scared of jinxing it. And now today they are bickering non-stop (which I suppose makes sense when they are playing with each other all.the.time.) I’m just waiting the few hours until the pool opens.

  • Oh, I love your photos so! These make me nostalgic for summers when my kids were younger. I like that mostly what I remember are memory snapshots like the ones you’ve shared here–the sweet slices of childhood summer. (The boredom and bickering have faded like an old Polaroid.)

    We have not yet started. School doesn’t finish for me until next Friday. We’ve got one graduation down and one to go (tomorrow). Followed by a queen coronation, a parade, and a fancy breakfast. (My daughter is a princess for our local festival.) I’m kinda worn out, physically and emotionally. Just soaking it all in. But really looking forward to some lazy days.

    • It sounds like you are VERY busy. Those last few weeks until summer vacation always seem to be crazed and overfull. And then it’s summer and it’s still busy, but at least here, it’s such a restful busy. Jesse and I were just laughing that I’ve been getting up earlier in the morning since the kids are out of school than I ever did when I NEEDED to get them up and moving and out the door. Some of that I’m sure is the longer days, but some of it is the enjoyment of having them home and going on adventures and playing with them. We’re still in early days yet though. Give me a few weeks. 🙂

      Hoping you can get the rest and rejuvenation and lazy days just as soon as your school year ends…