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I’m beginning to think Abram is some sort of Monopoly genius. My dad played a six hour game against him while we were gone and Abram won. I would chalk it up to grandparents being grandparents except I’ve played two games against him recently and he’s straight up whomped me both times.

Yesterday, I walked outside to find Violet rollerblading while reading a book. I didn’t know whether to be proud of her industriousness or shake my head at her lack of safety consciousness.

Still knitting. My colorway for the DVD club this month is called Monopoly Money (it’s a theme this month). I think I should be able to get them finished. I started watching “The Real Housewives of New York City” from the beginning while I was trying to power through my graduation gift socks and I’m now on season 3. The first two seasons weren’t bad. This season is just vicious and I don’t know if I can handle it. I’m so thin skinned, I just want to yell at everyone to get along already.

In other television news, I watched the first season of Outlander. Season 2 isn’t any where I can buy it yet (unless I want to move to Australia) so I’m impatiently waiting. I wasn’t crazy about the books (started great, had great cliff hanger endings, lots of blah, blah, blah in the middle) so I stopped either on the second or third in the series (I can’t remember which) but the show is good. To the best of my limited memory, it follows the books relatively closely. Fair warning, it can be a bit…graphic. Jesse doesn’t watch it but he did say to a friend, “Every time I walk through while she’s watching someone is either being tortured or having sex”. (Bad timing, there are some very sweet and interesting plot progressions that have nothing to do with either.) As I said, it follows the books. And there was a scene with full frontal male nudity so viewer beware if that’s not your thing.

Hoping to jumpstart some interest in my camera, I decided to rent a lens I’ve been eyeing and try it out. I’m supposed to receive it Thursday and I can’t wait!! (I also hope I don’t fall in love with it because to buy it is $$$$$$$)

We’re horrible at composting. We have a rotating composter that has two bins. One is basically dry twigs and the other is sludge. And when I put more greens in the dry and more dry in the sludge, they just reverse. I figure eventually it will figure itself out. Or I’ll have a really expensive and stinky garbage bin that I get to haul away. Any tips?

Any book recommendations? I just finished “What She Knew” and really wasn’t a fan.

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  • My first impulse with your Violet-roller-blading-while-reading story was to quip, “hey, at least she’s reading and not playing on a DS!” … but my sober second thought is, “hey, hmmm … that’s probably just a tad dangerous!” (I do confess I think it’s great that she’s THAT engrossed in a book!)

    I’m a total wimp when it comes to violence in tv shows and movies. Last week my husband was away and I finished season three of Drop Dead Diva. It had SUCH a wonderful ending, which made me glad I had persevered with the series despite my annoyances with some of the actors/acting. Then, wanting something else to watch while knitting, I decided to “see what all the fuss was about” and I started watching the first episode of The Walking Dead. Oh. My. Gosh. No thank you!! (And I think watching any of the Real Housewives would just make me very, very, very angry … and despair for humanity, quite honestly 😉 ).

    No books to recommend 🙁 .

    On the composting, when you say “twig side” do you actually mean it is mostly twigs? (As opposed to dry leaves?) Because that could be the problem. We have had compost troubles too — sometimes ours has been too sludgy as well — but last year we began adding straw to the mix and I think it’s going better. (If you do this make sure you use straw and NOT hay, as hay has seeds.) I think that compost generally takes care of itself, but I suppose I’d rather err on the drier side (because I think that would not smell as much/if any?, although drier might also mean a longer time to break down). Worst case scenario, is there a municipality around you which offers industrial and household composting? When we lived in Minnesota we were just outside Duluth and they began a program whereby people could drop off their food waste for composting. We didn’t do any composting on our own until we moved back to Canada — because we had been “third-party-composting” for so long it just felt wrong to throw our food waste in the garbage, so we HAD to start our own backyard composter, despite the fact that it’s really not a fun job….

  • No twigs! There ARE some woody/grassy stalks that don’t seem to want to break down so we’re just putting in lots of greens for now. I’m just ready to throw up my hands. As for at home composting, there is one garbage company in the area that offers it, BUT we use a different company because they’re locally owned and the owners are friends of ours. 🙂

    And I, too, love that V is such a reader but we did have a chat about how not all activities are conducive to reading!!

  • I love the image of Violet reading and roller-blading at the same time. She sounds like my kind of girl.

    I’m trying to remember what I just finished reading….seems like books aren’t staying with me these days. I truly can’t remember.

    And for TV, I’ve been watching Grace and Frankie (Netflix). It’s light and funny, which is what I’m craving these days. I’ve never watched any of the Real Housewives, but I think I’m probably with Marian on that one. 🙂

    • It couldn’t have been THAT amazing if you can’t remember. 😉

      I loved this season of Grace and Frankie and don’t even want to admit to how fast I binged that season (or how fast I’ve been binging ALL the television these days). One of my good friends and I laugh over who would be Grace and who would be Frankie (I’d love to have Grace’s attitude with Frankie’s style – but I don’t quite now how that would jive) .

      As for Housewives, it’s weird. I certainly don’t love it and there are so many times when I feel terrible about myself when watching it, but I also have found myself more willing to speak up in social situations. I figure if Ramona can be as brazen and rude as she is, I can certainly let someone know when my feelings are hurt!!