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I’m the absolute best kind of exhausted. If you happen to follow me on instagram, you’ll see that since June 26th we’ve been swimming and tubing and playing games and staying up late and eating lots of good food and just soaking up every single minute of cousins and aunts and grandmas and a grandpa. (The grandpas on my side couldn’t be there for work or travel reasons.)  These pictures are from our first few days with my family.  I’ll share some more with Jesse’s family tomorrow. (I had over 230 to choose from and while the ones I’m sharing aren’t all technically “right”, they are my favorites.)

I completely destroyed our boat’s prop and it’s being hung up as cabin decor. I’ve since replaced it and have backed up the boat trailer twice. I’m a far cry from proficient, but I’ll get there before the summer is out, I hope.

Currently I am doing lots and lots and lots of laundry and packing up a storm so that V will have clothes for her first sleep away camp adventure. She leaves today and I know she’ll have a blast, but I’m going to miss her like CRAZY.

Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day (if you celebrate it) and a lovely start to your July if you don’t!

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  • What beautiful photos, Kate! I especially love the one you caught of Violet (yes?) just about to enter the water — fantastic timing! So glad you had a wonderful getaway with extended family 🙂 .

    Are you enjoying We Are Called To Rise?

    And of course, I just have to comment on the socks — LOVE the colours and the stripes … such a fun, summery yarn to be working with! I just finished a variegated pair in a somewhat fun-ish colourway (just two days past my end of June deadline) and have begun the next pair. These next ones are maroon, and although my daughter LOVES the colour (and doesn’t want the previous pair!), the knitting feels just a bit different without that summery vibe!

    • Thank you for the kind words on the pictures. Yes, that’s Violet! She spent sooooo much time swimming.

      I did enjoy “We are Called to Rise” immensely. I even dog eared a few pages so I could copy the quotes down somewhere.

      I’d LOVE to see your socks! I’m doing a red white and blue pair for July (so patriotic). I finished my June pair with hours to spare, and I feel a little blah about sock knitting right now (2 pairs in one month) but I’m chugging along.

      Hope all is well in your corner of the world!