Michigan 2016





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We swam. We ate. We rode the dunes. We climbed a lighthouse. We built sandcastles for the two and half year old to destroy. We jumped waves and when the rip current got to be too strong, we climbed back up to the house for more food and for (some of us) karaoke.

I don’t have many pictures this year and I don’t have a whole lot of words. It was exactly what I needed it to be.


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  • Ah, but the pictures you do have are amazing, Kate! Lake Michigan certainly has some beautiful beaches …. that sand!! Glad you got exactly what you needed 🙂 .

    • Thank you, Marian! So much sand! I had to wash my daughter’s sheets at HOME because she had so much in her hair it look us DAYS to rinse it all out. The area I grew up in is one of the few “singing sands” areas though it’s starting to lose that quality as the silica content of the sand changes. It squeaks when you walk on it!

  • Oh, this makes my heart feel good. My daughter’s best friend is leaving Oregon to attend college in Michigan. (I haven’t been grieving just the loss of my own girl, but of this one, who has been such a good friend to both my children, as well.) These images are so beautiful. I hope your time was, too. Sounds like it was.

    And I’m digging the new blog design. Very minimalist, in the best of ways. I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with mine. Tinkered with the header. Maybe I need to do more…You have such a lovely visual eye.

    • It WAS such a lovely time. It’s always wonderful to return to a place that is home, even it if it isn’t actually HOME anymore.

      Thank you for the lovely comments on the design. As always, when I can’t figure out the words, I’ll play with the design. I really LOVE your header, but maybe that’s because I happen to love all the of the projects that are pictured in the background. 🙂