First Day

Fourth and Second grade. We went from having two things on the calendar in August to very few free days in September. Maybe having a lazy summer wasn’t such a terrible thing.

And I have no idea why my pictures are showing so noisy and grainy because they don’t look it at all on my software, but I’m beyond trying to figure it out. The kids are still adorable. (And of course, I’m not biased in the least.)






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  • Lovely photos of the kids, Kate 🙂 . I’m sure they (like all siblings) don’t always get along so well, but it’s so sweet to see them with their arms around each other. (I think those kinds of photos are my favourites of my kids.)

    You’ve really had to hit the ground running! We have a fairly easy September because hockey doesn’t start until October. (And now, of course, I only have to worry about getting ONE child to and from activities on a routine basis!)

    • Thank you, Marian! They are definitely siblings – they fight and bicker and purposely annoy each other BUT they also are great playmates and buddies as often as not.

      Thankfully both piano and hip hop/dance are the same day for both kids so I don’t have to be in two places at once very often. Hockey! Is there as much travel there as there is here for hockey moms?

      • Fortunately, my son just plays house league hockey, which means just one practice and one game a week, both here in our town. (We did have a Christmas tournament last winter which meant several games in a town an hour away, and I was decidedly not happy about that.) A lot of my son’s friends play travel hockey, and the amount of travelling these families have to do is absolutely CRAZY!

  • Oh, I love first day of school pictures! And I love elementary school. Some of my favorite mom memories are from those early school years. I hope your calendar doesn’t get too full. Our hockey equivalent was soccer. Sometimes it felt like such a chore, but that’s also the source of good memories, too. Hope you all have good times this year!