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Okay, so all last week I was going crazy because any time I tried to update my blog from my laptop, it would show up on my laptop but not anywhere else. And anytime I updated my blog from another computer it would show up all over the internet, but not on my laptop. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my laptop and I was frustrated beyond belief with my new host (they didn’t become my new host by choice, my previous host sold off their “small client” business to this new host) because they couldn’t seem to help me figure out the problem and my site speed was stupid slow.

So I found a new host.

And in the process of transferring to my new home, solved the problem that my old host’s tech service couldn’t. The LAST time I transferred hosts (willingly), they asked me to point my laptop at a specific server to make sure my site was up and running correctly. I had never cleared that command so I was pulling from the server of the company who dumped me and not my adopted server. Now it’s all fixed. But I still switched hosts. Their customer service sucked.

All that crazy computer mumbo jumbo to say…isn’t it awesome when there is this puzzle and you kind of have an idea about how to solve it but nothing you try works and then BLAMMO…problem solved? I love that.

Knitting: Scoreboard scarf (I had to add a lot of yellow because we lost to the Vikings and I’m mad about that) and socks (not fast enough, I’m only done with the cuff and 10 rows of the leg and I need to get moving!).

Sewing: My quilt! I can’t believe it. I’ve pieced together 8 of the 16 rows and it’s turning out pretty well.

Cooking: Nothing.

Reading: Still Madame Bovary. I’m on the fence. Maybe because I absolutely hate how horribly and selfishly she behaves, but also because I relate to her in ways that make me uncomfortable.

38 in 38 update: I’m off FB for my holiday hiatus. I left a little early because I want to keep liking the people I like despite politics. It adds some time to my 2 month goal, but I’m happy with that.

Finally: I’m having a minor little surgery on my sinuses tomorrow so any good wishes, prayers, or thoughts you want to send my way will be appreciated. The whole thing is pretty cool. I never thought “up your nose with a rubber hose” would be a good thing, but I’m so ready to feel better. (And those around me regularly are too because I’m a baby about being sick.)

Catch me up on you? Anything exciting? What are you tackling this week?

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  • “up your nose with a rubber hose” … this made me laugh, Kate 🙂 . Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow — I’ll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way.

    (Not too much new here — the book fair wrapped up, knitting my son’s hat, still watching Suits with my husband, and maybe just maybe will finally have a post up tomorrow or the next day. (But word of warning, it’s a depressing one.))

    • Thank you, Marian! Healing thoughts are very much appreciated.

      How are you feeling about Suits these days? I’m going to have a couple days of Netflixing I think and I’m not sure what to watch.

      • I got totally hooked on Suits, and when we finished Season 5 the other evening I said, “Nooooooo!” (Season 6 is out, but not yet on Canadian Netflix, and they’re apparently working on making season 7. Phew!)

        • I looked for Suits last night on Netflix and couldn’t find it at all! I can still look on Amazon Prime yet, but I when I went there last night I got distracted and ended up watching Veronica Mars. 🙂

  • Oh, I missed this last week. I hope your surgery went well. I will think positive post-op thoughts. And sorry to hear about your server issues. I hate that kind of thing and rely too much on Cane to help me fix them. I wish I were more self-sufficient about technical things.

    Haven’t read Madame Bovary since college. This post almost makes me want to revisit her. I’m sure I’d see her much differently now. What I remember is that she annoyed me, too. I read it in a course about images of women in literature. In every book except the contemporary one (published in the 70s), the female protagonist died in the end. It was depressing. Sorrynotsorry for the spoiler. But I’m guessing you could see where it was headed. 🙂

    And even though I am already sick of pumpkin spice and pumpkins and how suddenly loving fall seems to be some kind of trendy thing that I am sure is part of a corporate plot to get us all to buy more crap we don’t need, I love those mini-pumpkins. Makes me want to get some.

    • I’m a sucker for fall. Warty gourds, mini-pumpkins, mums. Not the fake plastic-y ones, but the real things? I love the color and coziness, otherwise, I’m with you. Seasonal decorations are kind of weird to me. Well, I do also collect nativities so not THAT weird.

      No spoiler. I think when you read “classics”, you’ve already heard the plot points at least once (and why do all the women die?!?) Had I read this when I was younger, I would have disliked her more. Now, I sympathize with how certain life choices that seem perfectly right at the time can make you feel stuck and bitter just a few years down the road. Her selfishness and choices still bother me, but I also feel a lot of sympathy and sadness for her as well.