Our Annual Advent List


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Each year I like to make an advent calendar full of activities that we can participate in as a family. This year I’m realizing that we’re BUSY before we even start adding Christmas activities so I’ve tried to make a more realistic list for us as a family and schedule the “big” things on the dates that work for us. Also, while the liturgical calendar has us actually starting the season of Advent today, we’ll be doing the typical 24 day countdown. Here are the activities we have planned (in no particular order):

  1. help mom put together neighborhood Christmas gifts and deliver
  2. bless the Advent wreath and light the first candle
  3. bake cookies
  4. make Christmas ornaments
  5. make paper snowflakes
  6. tell each family member something you like about them
  7. write a letter to Santa
  8. bubble bath followed by Christmas colors mani-pedi
  9. go for a drive and look at the lights
  10. play a board game after dinner as a family
  11. decorate the Christmas tree and set out the nativities
  12. read a Christmas book together before bed
  13. family Christmas jammie night
  14. watch a Christmas movie and have popcorn
  15. have a breakfast for dinner night
  16. make sure to leave out your shoes for St. Nick
  17. donate food/diapers to the local food pantry
  18. go for a walk together before bedtime
  19. deliver cards/ornaments to the nursing home
  20. make gifts for family members at Santa’s Workshop
  21. attend your school advent program
  22. draw a picture or write a letter to a loved one far away
  23. donate to the Salvation Army bellringer
  24. go through your toys and closets to find gently used items to donate to a local shelter

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  • I think this is a beautiful list, Kate, with so many giving and cheering things-to-do for others. Your kids are very fortunate to have such a caring and thoughtful mom!

    • Thanks, Marian. I try. My parents were really good about teaching me that Christmas was about GIVING not getting and I hope to pass that along to my kiddos too. We aren’t perfect at it, but we’re trying.

  • I love this list! You are making me think that I need to create one of my own. As soon as I kick the cold/migraine that has me home for the second day in a row, I’m going to get right on that.