A Year of Socks

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re going to make a goal, it should involve something you like doing. Of all the goals I set in 2016, this is the only one I managed to achieve. But I crushed it.


The remainder of 2016 is going to involve reading (I picked up the biography that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the Hamilton musical because I’m obsessed), mitten knitting, and the madness that is Christmas. Thankfully, we’ve been gone and back for my family Christmas (a wonderful time even though family members were dropping like flies with one illness or another) and that leaves Jesse’s family celebration and our own little family. Can I say creating the “we don’t go anywhere Christmas day” tradition was the greatest thing I’ve ever done? Seriously. I either make crock-pot steel cut oats or french toast casserole for breakfast (yay for meals you can make the night before) and then we get to spend all day in our jammies, playing with toys, listening to favorite Christmas playlists, watching movies, and being lazy. It’s delicious.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate the day?

*With the crazed time of year, I wanted to give you all the heads up that my plan is to be MIA from now until mid-January. I’m hoping to maybe get a post about my word for the year and some goal planning up on January 1 (because if I don’t I’m afraid someone with take away my blogger card), but my first priority is to enjoy this time (and then the next couple of weeks of catch up) without too many outside obligations. Which is basically my long winded way of saying, no need to worry if I’m missing for a few weeks, I’m just loving the season with my family.

Wishing you a happy everything!!!

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  • Congratulations on achieving your sock goal, Kate!! I’m so impressed, and am drooling over all those stripes 🙂 .

    Oh yes, “We don’t go anywhere Christmas day” is THE BEST!! (We learned this the hard way 19 years ago (!) and never veered from it since.) I tend to be in the kitchen quite a lot on Christmas day, but I do rather enjoy making a nice supper and that does take time. (My family really appreciates it, and it’s nice that my kids are now old enough to help out and enjoy cooking/baking as well.) We always do games over the holidays (Scrabble and Settlers of Catan are our favourites) and either play outside or go for walks. (We have snow right now — hopefully it stays!)

    (I managed to finish the smitten! It was a fairly quick knit, although a bit fiddly when joining the two cuffs (I tried using DPNs and that didn’t work, and a single 16″ circular was REALLY awkward (there were a few curse word-laden rounds) … so if you do decide to make one, Kate, magic loop is absolutely the way to go!). I ALSO got a set of mittens done for my 18-year-old son, and am now trying to power through three miniature Hogwarts sweater ornaments. (Because I’m crazy, apparently.) I *think* I can get the actual sweaters done, but don’t know if I’ll be able to find enough time to get the initials embroidered on the fronts (and make the miniature hangers) before my daughter comes home on Wednesday. I think one of my 2017 goals should be to do Christmas knitting in JANUARY 😉 .)

    Wishing you a Happy Everything, too, Kate 🙂 !
    xoxo Marian

    • I laughed at the 2017 Christmas knitting in January comment because I decided that next year I want to give each of my people a hand knit sweater for Christmas and just bought the yarn for Violet’s which I will be starting just as soon as the holiday madness subsides!! 🙂

      Thank you too for the recommendation on magic loop. I’ve never used that technique before though I did try to learn it once when doing a pair of two at a time felted slippers. This was before I learned that I hate taking knitting classes because I have to be able to *focus* when learning a new hands on skill and I can’t do that when there are other people talking. So I think if I sit down at home with a youtube tutorial video and some tea I can sort myself out because I really do think a smitten would be a fun Valentine’s gift.

      Scrabble and Catan are favorites of my family as well. This weekend I was introduced to Rummikub and Heads Up (I guess it’s a game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show that they made into an app?) this weekend. I enjoyed both of them. The app is 99 cents, but we all had a lot of fun and laughs playing it.

      So good hearing from you, Marian. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your snow sticks. We’ve gotten about 12-16 inches total and we’re having a cold snap right now but we’re supposed to warm up (high 20’s°F) and get more. I really do love snow this time of year!

  • I love all your socks–they look so happy on those feet. The colors are beautiful. It must feel really great to have set such a goal and met it.

    Your Christmas plan sounds wonderful, too. I love a slow, lazy Christmas day. I think I’ll get that kind this year. My parents and brother will be visiting, and my daughter and Cane will be here. We’ll be missing my son, but he’s working both Christmas Eve and day. We’ll celebrate with him one night this week. The holiday will be low-key and low-stress, which is just right for us this year.

    I will miss your posts, but am glad to know that you’re focused on your family. Looking forward to hearing your word for the coming year. Seeing the power that can come from one, I’ve been thinking carefully about what I want to invite in this year!

    • Thank you, Rita, it really does feel wonderful!!

      I’m really looking forward to hearing about your word for the year. Mine has been on my mind since October and I’m excited for it. It’s something I really need in my life and