Tuesday Things

I’m here! I’m here! I’m actually posting. January has been an absolute whirlwind. Besides the political craziness (which is all I’m going to say about that today), we’ve had our own little go around with crazy and I’m not going to say anything about that either. I’m simply going to say that today I realized I hadn’t posted a Tuesday Things for all of January, and decided that I needed to get on this blog and share some random, daily life tidbits. So here I am.

Last weekend, Jesse and I went away to celebrate having met 17 years ago (any excuse for a date). We ate so many oysters. And I ate a giant lobster that I didn’t share at all and drank a glass of champagne that came in it’s own adorable little bottle so it wouldn’t lose it’s bubbles. (That mini champagne bottle…made my whole month. I’m ridiculous) Other things in our little world:

Knitting: Worsted weight yarn knits up so much faster than sock yarn. I mean…so.much.faster. I’ve almost finished Violet’s Bulle sweater. I have to get the sleeves finished, block it, and add some buttons but I’m almost done. I thought it’d take me at least a couple months. I love the color which I can’t remember (and, of course, I didn’t bother saving a ball band) but I can tell you it’s a tealish Cascade 220 Heather.  I’ve also been knitting a color bias block wrap. I knit one up for my sister a few years back for Christmas and loved it, so I thought I’d knit another one up. Next up is a sweater for Abram (I have the yarn and pattern picked already) and a 3 color cashmere cowl (I’ve had the yarn sitting around for months, I need to get it finished!!)

Reading: Just finished Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty which was on loan from a friend. It was a pretty standard, predictable, quick read but was quick and light which I needed. I finished Hamilton which I enjoyed immensely. I used to read so much more nonfiction before children. Maybe this was just the umph I needed to get me reading that again. I’m also going to participating in Rita’s Year of Reading Dangerously.

Watching: Not a whole lot. I have quite a few things on my Netflix and Hulu list, but haven’t been really checking anything off. I did watch the Netflix documentary 13 and have been watching an episode of The West Wing here and there. Oh and the BBC’s Sherlock!!! I watched the first three seasons on Netflix and LOVED IT. Dark but also very funny. I finally see what people are saying about Benedict Cumberbatch. I did not understand the appeal until seeing him as Sherlock but now? Total crush. (Okay, so I HAVE watched a lot, but it’s been a month!!)

Cooking: All kinds of comfort foods. Casseroles, chili, chicken and noodles, and so many scrambled eggs. With running from thing to thing and needing a quick dinner, it’s the one thing everyone in the family will eat without any complaint ever.

What are you cooking, watching, reading, making?

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  • Love love love these catching-up posts of yours, Kate 🙂 !

    I’m impressed with how fast Violet’s sweater has come along! (And it’s got quite some length to it as well…) Can’t wait to see it when it’s completely done 🙂 . I love seeing the other things you’re knitting as well — makes me want to put some of them into my Ravelry favourites for future reference. I just finished a hat and mittens for my husband, and am now back to socks. Am looking at baby patterns, as a friend’s daughter is expecting. And am thinking of making a sweater for myself, but haven’t decided on a pattern or yarn. My daughter has also just asked me for a full-size Weasley sweater; not sure if she *really* wants one, or if she was just testing the waters. I joked with her that she would have to take up knitting this summer (she knows the basics and did knit a dishcloth a few years ago, but her “thing” for quite some time has been crochet) and she surprised me by saying YES, she actually DOES want to try it this summer. (Which I confess put a huge smile on my face!) This reminds me: you were going to try to teach Violet knitting a while back, weren’t you? Any progress to share on that front?

    I imagine you’ve had no time to work on your quilt? I (finally) got back to working on a braided rug (which I had begun a couple of years ago), which I’d like to finish by May.

    My husband and I just finished watching Hidden Houses of Wales, which I would rate 7/10. Interesting, but sometimes the host was a bit weird. I’ve been reading a lot — finished The Invention of Nature (a really lovely read; well-written non-fiction combining science, nature, politics, exploration, history). Just started North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. We had watched the mini-series about a year ago — it’s a British period piece and is well worth watching. (I can say that because I know you’re a Downton fan.)

    Cooking … I feel like I should re-visit all my cookbooks to find new recipes. I’m doing a good job keeping us fed, but we could use a bit more variety!

    Politics … I have no words for what’s going on … (Well, actually, I do … )

    • Of course, I finished the sleeves last night and had her try it on and I wasn’t crazy about the length. She’s growing so fast these days and it seems silly to spend the time and yarn on a sweater she won’t get good use out of so I ripped out the pockets and frogged back. It’ll be a little more dress like and I won’t be done for a week or two now, but once it’s done, I think it’s going to look really nice. They have a grown up version of the pattern too. 🙂

      I want to see pictures of your rug! I think that sounds like such a cool thing (and time consuming) thing to make. I have NOT been sewing and I should just bang out the last two rows and start putting them together but I just DON’T enjoy sewing the way some people do. I like the prep work, but just sitting at the machine is B.O.R.I.N.G. to me

      I did sit down and teach Violet. She gets the mechanics and will knit a row here or there, but it’s not her “thing” right now. She’d much rather be off building snow forts or climbing trees or writing stories and I love that too.

      I think you mentioned The Invention of Nature before! I should check that out because it does sound like a really interesting read. I LOVED the North and South mini-series!!! I need to read the book.

  • I love these posts. Especially now. I have been binge-watching Parenthood, so…yeah, not the only one who misses the cultural moment with a movie or book. I tried Sherlock a few years back, but it didn’t grab me. Maybe I’ll try again. Because I’ve never understood the Cumberbatch thing, either.

    I started to knit a pussy hat, which I couldn’t finish in time for the march, but I’m still knitting on it because I’ve remembered that I really like knitting while watching escapist TV. I don’t really know how to knit, but the pussy hat is just my speed. Really basic. I’m thinking of starting a blanket that is just a bunch of squares I can sew together. Squares. I can do squares.

    Reading? Well, you know what I’m going to be reading. 🙂 So glad that you’ll be joining me!

    • I love that you’re knitting a pussy hat! I have yarn to make one, but haven’t yet! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! The blanket idea has been one I’ve been thinking of for awhile. Have you seen the “cozy memories blankets” people make with sock yarn? I bet you could modify it for whatever yarn size you are thinking of and then you wouldn’t have to sew all the squares together but would just have to weave the ends together?