Tuesday Things

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I know it’s a controversial but I LOVE conversation hearts. The chalky sweet artificial thing gets me every single time.

On to random news:

Knitflixing: Violet’s sweater is off the needles. We need to pick out buttons and I need to block it. I may pull a few rows out of the sleeves and use a stretchier bind off. The sleeves puff a little and she felt they were a little too tight at the bottom. I have a pair of socks on the needles (love the yarn) and I started Abram’s sweater and was just starting the sleeve increases, but then I got sucked into The People vs OJ Simpson and made a big old mess of it and couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I frogged it last night and will pick it up again when I can find something less engrossing. (I only remember bits and pieces from when the trial was actually was going on. I was in high school and far more concerned with whether my English paper was going to get an A or if my crush liked me back.)

Reading: I finished The Book of Unknown Americans. I liked the story and felt that it was powerful, but the writing felt too simplistic. I didn’t know if it was because of the age she was writing for (though some of the language made me question that) or if it was because she was trying to highlight the English as a second language aspect (I have some long winded reasons for why I think that wasn’t the case). Or if there is something happening I just don’t get it. I think that is going to be something I struggle with this year as I read these.  I don’t feel qualified to critique because I feel like I must be missing some cultural knowledge that a Hispanic immigrant (or just a person more open minded and astute) might bring to the page which makes the book richer and deeper despite it falling flat for me? I need something else to finish out the month. Anything you recommend?

Cooking: I’m back on the wagon in the kitchen though the fare has been quick and easy and nothing worth reporting. Recipes? Favorite cookbooks? I feel like I need to add some new into my life.

How are things in your corner of the world? What are you making, doing, reading, watching?

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  • Hi Kate!
    I’m just back from shelving books at the school library where I discovered a new series our librarian has just bought — The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood. I read a few pages of book #1 and had to give myself a very stern talking-to in order to stop myself from checking it out under my son’s name so I could continue reading it! I will definitely be reading this once I’m done North and South. I did get The Book Of Unknown Americans out from the library, but have yet to begin.

    Love the sweater pattern you’ve chosen for Abram! Such lovely detail on the sleeves and shoulders… I’m still on socks — I think once I’ve made enough so that I can wear handknit socks every.single.day (because they are SO warm and comfortable!) then I will move on to something else 😉 .

    My husband and I sped through another season of Suits on Netflix, which I regret because there is now “nothing else” to watch (unless I rent something from iTunes, that is; there’s quite a lot I’d like to see on there, but my frugality gets in the way).

    Cooking the usual (lots of things from Oh She Glows), and this is a big baking week. My 18-year-old son will be coming home on Friday for Reading Week and he’s requested several different baked goodies, all of which I’m happy to make.


    • I don’t think I’ll ever get away from knitting socks. Family that I’ve knit them for always has a request for another pair and family that hasn’t received one yet asks to be put on the list. Having a few pairs myself, I understand the love of a hand knit sock and feel it’s a honor to be able to make them for the people I care about.

      I’m hoping I can get moving on Abram’s sweater. I saw a picture of one someone knit on Instagram and they put these amazing stripes in the body of the sweater which I thought looked perfect for a little boy. I picked up yarn to do those as well.

      What’s Reading Week? I bet it feels lovely to be able to make something special for your son. Much like my sock knitting, it’s so nice to be able to tangibly share love with those nearest to us. 🙂

      Good to hear from you, Marian. I’m putting Incorrigible Children on my list. In part because I just love the word incorrigible. I know it’s supposed to have negative connotations, but it’s just too fun of a word. 😉

      • I’m 100% with you on stripes for boys (and men!) (I actually just love stripes, period!). All three of the hats I’ve recently knit for my boys and husband have been striped, and they all love them 🙂 . And YES, it IS nice to be able to make something to tangibly share love!

        Reading Week is the February break universities have here in Canada. (So called because you’re supposed to be using the time for studying/reading textbooks, but really most students just go skiing!)

        Coincidentally, a couple weeks ago I told my daughter she was incorrigible, and she responded by saying she didn’t know what that word meant. (I know — WHAT?! she’s 20! how can she be as well-read as she is and not know that word?!) Anyway, I told her to look it up, and a minute later she texted me back, “Oh YES, I am definitely incorrigible!” 🙂

  • Love seeing your response to Unknown Americans. Hope you will share next week when we start talking together. I had some similar reactions. And I really didn’t like the end; it felt a bit too pat to me. I appreciated the way it opened my eyes to the variety of experiences that come under the umbrella of “Hispanic immigrant.” And to the specifics of the challenges that people face when they leave everything to come here.

    I know I’m super-late to comment. Life’s been kicking my butt. I’m off all my usual routines.

    • Sorry to hear life is kicking your butt. I completely get it. It’s been DAYS since I’ve even thought about sitting down to write something for the blog. Just busy doing too many other things.

      I’m excited to read other people’s thoughts on the book as well – I’ll definitely check in! And yes “pat” is a very good description.

      So good to hear from you!