What started as a desire to organize a drawer, turned into a full on organizational mission. We’re currently in the “things get worse before they get better” part of the project, but by the end of the weekend, I’m hoping the room is will be less Monica’s closet and more a craft space/office that Jesse can use without fear of upsetting one of my creative endeavors.

I quit Facebook (again). It’s been so good for me. SO. GOOD.

I’ve been knitting. Violet and Abram’s sweaters are officially done. Ends woven in, blocked, buttons. Fully complete. I need to get some pictures of them though. I’m really happy with how Abram’s turned out, but I wish I would have gone down a needle size on the yoke of Violet’s.  I did a swatch, but was lazy and didn’t block it and I should have because it stretched quite a bit. I picked a pattern and the yarn for Jesse’s and I’m currently swatching which I will wet block because I learn from my mistakes. I LOVE the yarn. It feels exactly what a good wool sweater should feel like and I think it will be perfect. I doubt I’ll get it done in time for the 2018 cut off I set for myself, but I’m going to try.

I’ve also been working on some woven beaded bracelets. Getting my loom set up for the first time was difficult and it is a little fiddly, but it’s breaking up the knitting.

I watched this season of Game of Thrones. I’m going to reserve judgment until the final season is finished next year.  More light-hearted: I started watching Younger because someone on my instagram said it was their favorite and while the marketing is truly awful, the show is good fun. I’m only a few episodes in, but I agree with that assessment. I haven’t been watching much else. Jesse got me a little bluetooth speaker that I can take from room to room so I’ve mostly been listening to acoustic and folk music on spotify while I knit or weave beads. I like having the television off. My brain already feels like it’s regaining brain cells after a 4 year run of watching any and every single show recommended to me.

I’ve been cooking at home again. I made a simple crostini bar the other night. I prepped a small chicken salad and a small tuna/white bean salad the night before using what we had in the fridge and then the day of, I cut up a baguette, brushed on some olive oil and garlic and toasted it in the oven until it was nice and crunchy. Put it on the table with a bowl of arugula and a veggie tray. Yesterday, I made a pork shoulder in the crock pot which will be tacos tonight and some hash or sandwiches later in the week. I also have this chicken recipe on the agenda with roasted veggies instead of green beans. And I’m making this pesto (we’re getting more arugula from the CSA Thursday and I can’t keep up!!) to dip crispy smashed potatoes in later this week.

So that’s me! What’s new with you?





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  • Oh gosh, I remember that “Monica’s closet” episode!! My husband and I loved watching Friends, way back in our early married days. (And Star Trek, which is what we’re Netflixing our way through now (Voyager), along with our 12-year-old son, whom we are determinedly turning into a Trekkie 😉 .) My two older kids got into Game of Thrones, but I’ve yet to catch even one episode…
    I too am carrying a small speaker around the house! Music and podcasts are definitely helping me get through my days.

    Are you going to show us the craft/office once it’s completed? (Hint, hint.) That middle “things get worse before they get better” can be overwhelming at times, but it sure feels good at the end when the space is purged and organized. I’ve been going through sentimental clutter and have made some MAJOR progress!

    The pattern for Jesse’s sweater looks fantastic, and I’m excited to see the reveal on your kids’ sweaters! I’m currently knitting a pair of boot socks for my 18-year-old son. His birthday is in less than a month and I’m not even done the first one, so it might end up as a Christmas present instead.

    • I love that you are turning your son into a Trekkie. I’ve never watched Voyager, but Jesse and I used to watch Next Generation marathons in syndication when we were first married. I just don’t think that show ever gets old. I don’t blame you for skipping Thrones. I’ve actually steered a couple of my close friends away from it because as amazing as I think it is, it just isn’t for everyone.

      Good for you on clearing sentimental clutter! It sounds as if this has been a really good year for you in regards to tackling some goals! I need your stick-to-it-ivness to rub off on me. We have a LOT of projects getting tackled in the next 12 months and I’m worried that I’m going to burn out.

      I *really* need to get them into the sweaters to photograph them because I do want to get them up on the blog (and in my ravelry notes) but we just haven’t had a good run of cool fall days. It looks like next week should be cooler, so hopefully soon after that I can get them to cooperate. And I will definitely share pictures once the craft/room office is *mostly* complete. I still need to get some artwork hung in Violet’s room and share that room redo as well!

      Good luck getting your son’s socks completed. I have a few pairs this year that were supposed to be birthday presents that ended up becoming Christmas gifts. I’m beginning to realize that I will always have more knittery projects that I’d like to complete than time to complete them. (And as such, have gotten much picker about who gets knit gifts).