Tuesday Things

We had snow. It didn’t stick, but it was lovely and I was a bit like a child in my delight. I’m a firm believer that if it’s gray and cold, snow makes it worth it. Our Halloween was frosty. About a half an hour before it was done our neighborhood was pretty much quiet. I gave two teenagers the remainder of our candy (they were appropriately thankful) and then went in and took a long hot bath. Violet went as “Queen of the Cats” which is basically a cat costume with a tiara and a lot of jewelry. It’s perfect for her. Abram was a magician at school but traded in the hat and wand for fangs and blood for trick or treating.

I’ve been “Knitflixing” Doctor Who while completing two pairs of socks and one mitten for the month of October. I’m hoping to get the second mitten finished tonight. I sat down and made a list of handmade gifts and as long as I don’t get sidetracked I think I should be able to accomplish all of them. Maybe. I’ll definitely have to consider my priorities. Do we really need clean clothes? Dinner?

I have lots of thoughts on Doctor Who. I watched the 9th and 10th doctors and have just started watching the 11th. I’m told he will become my favorite but I don’t see how anyone could usurp David Tennant. I’m only a few episodes in though so I’ll reserve final judgement for a bit.

In other news…I haven’t much in the way of news.

I haven’t been using my camera as much as I would like.

I’ve been writing and doodling a lot. (Ordered a new notebook. Bright Pink this time.)

I’m working on Christmas lists and trying to get my shopping done. (I missed my all gifts purchased by Halloween goal, so I’m trying to finish by Thanksgiving. The crafting I’ll take right up to the end. Nerd emoji here.)

We went to the kids’ school fundraiser with friends. It was a really nice night. I tend to get very mushy after nights like that because I’m lucky to be surrounded by fun, kind, interesting people. It’s even better when I get to call them friends.

I’m trying to write an actual post (and not just a Tuesday update) but I’m struggling to do justice to my thoughts and now my laptop is in the shop so I can’t promise when I’m actually going to get around to posting that.

And that’s me. What are you up to this week?



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  • Hi Kate 🙂 .
    I’m with you on wanting snow when it’s grey and cold. I love wintertime…

    So impressed with your knitting progress! Your October was incredibly productive! So far, I’ve only got one planned Christmas knit — a small HP sweater ornament for my youngest, who just informed me that he is actually a Ravenclaw, and not a Gryffindor (so the red/yellow ornament that I knit for him last year no longer suits him!). I’ll have to make a run to the yarn store to pick up a ball each of DK blue and bronze, because sadly I have nothing appropriate in my bin! Right now I’m working on an infinity scarf for myself and am LOVING both the knitting and the way it’s turning out. (It’s the Stockholm scarf on Ravelry if you want to see it, and I’ll probably post a picture of my progress in my next blog post.)

    My English hairdresser, who has recommended many good shows for me to watch, has said I would like Doctor Who. I don’t think I’ve seen a single episode, ever. I definitely need to check it out…

    You’re smart to be getting prepped for Christmas already. I need to start thinking of gifts, too. My 19-year-old son will be bringing his girlfriend home for Christmas, so that’s an additional person to have to think of. I feel like the older two (four, counting their partners, although I’m not sure where my daughter and her boyfriend will be this year) are just getting gift cards this year. Boring, I know, but every year I seem to go more and more away from stuff and into experience-type gifts (or books, or bookstore gift cards).

    I was so glad to read this post, Kate. I’ve been thinking of you.
    xo Marian

    • I’m pretty sure you absolutely would love Doctor Who. I haven’t watched any of the early/earlier seasons (I started with 9) but from what I’ve watched, I do think it’s a show you’d enjoy!

      I love itty bitty knit ornaments! I’ve never made them though. I always say I’m going to and then never seem to make the time. I’ll be looking up your scarf on ravelry once I’m done here too!

      I do enjoy my holiday season more when I get done with the gift buying right before. This year my parent/sibling family isn’t exchanging gifts (except for the little kids) and is instead going to pitch in money for a cause which we’ll decide at Thanksgiving. I like your thoughts on experiences vs stuff. Good (as always) to talk to you, Marian!!

  • So, I have somehow missed the David Tennant bus, which I only just became aware of a few moments ago after googling him. I have become a recent fan of Broadchurch, but, like Marian, I’ve never seen Doctor Who and had no idea that the actor playing that character on Broadchurch was in anything else. I will now have to try DW, as he’s been my favorite on Broadchurch. So broody and tortured with a tender heart. I seem to like my men that way.

    I’ve been watching a fair amount of Netflix and embroidering. If I ever finish, I’ll write a post about it. I think I will. I’m working on a wedding gift, and I’m more likely to finish when it’s a gift.

    Your Halloween sounds pretty lovely. I have a soft spot for the teenage trick or treaters now. I’m glad some of them found you. 🙂

    Always look forward to what you have to write/share, no matter the form. Was tickled to see a Tuesday post from you just now.

    • Ohhhh then I think you’ll have to watch David Tennant as the Doctor!! I haven’t watched Broadchurch, but I feel quite solid making that recommendation. (Though I recommend starting with the one season of 9 just because it helps lead up to 10. They’re free on Amazon prime!)

      I love the teenagers. It’s fun to see them dressed up – some are really into it, some are slapdash so they can go with their friends who are really into it and most are kind and polite and fun.

      I’m excited to see what you’re working on and hear about what you are watching. I have one embroidery project to finish before Christmas but I’m still working on sketching it out – the rest is pretty much knitting. Every year I say I’m going to shrink my handmade gift column but I just never do.

      • I have been watching the dumbest show–Ugly Betty. I never watched it when it was originally on. (It’s on Hulu.) It’s 11 years old (how that can be?) and part of what I like is that I’m fascinated to see that yes, some things really are different, even though 2006 feels like such a short time ago. It’s stupid good fun, which is what I’ve been needing. I really like Broadchurch, and I’m still watching it, too, but the past week I’ve been bingeing on Betty because I have needed stupid and fun. I also watch This Is Us every week (also on Hulu); I really like it. Another show I watched recently is Better Things (also Hulu I think, but might be Amazon?). Season 1 is free. At first I didn’t like it. I’m not much into the trend of TV shows that feature horrible people,(too many of those in real life) and it felt like more of that. But there’s a sweetness and good-heartedness at the core of the main character, flawed and mean as she is (and she’s way flawed and sometimes really mean). And, of course, I’m back to season 2 of Stranger Things. Not loving it quite as much as season 1, but I think that’s because some of the novelty’s worn off. OK, I like to say I don’t watch TV, but I guess I do now.

        • Yay! Recommendations!! ! I remember watching a few episodes of Ugly Betty back when it was on. I always thought it was funded . It just didn’t stick. I haven’t watched the second season of Stranger Things yet. I really enjoyed this first one, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger.