Pretty lights.

I tried an infrared sauna for the first time with chromotherapy. I want to try it again.

I really wanted to purchase her, but couldn’t get up the courage so I convinced myself I didn’t have a place for her and just took a picture.

Fun night.


And that happened.

I flew in on Thursday and got home yesterday afternoon. It was an absolute whirlwind. New York never disappoints. It helps when you’re with really fantastic people and I was with really fantastic people.

Shows: Alan Cumming, Legal Immigrant and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One & Two

Food: The PalmIl MulinoHakkasan, pizza and bagels (so many good bagels)

Random Fun: DNA Skin NYCHigherDOSE, Annie’s Needlepoint & Knitting

There was not a single thing on that list that made me go hmmmm, I wish I had done something else instead. And Harry Potter may have been the most amazing stage show I have ever seen, EVER. If you’re at all a fan and you have the opportunity, I hope you’ll go see it. It’s just so well done.

I also managed to read The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. I picked it up from the library’s “lucky day” stack (where they put hot titles with limited check out times). It isn’t my usual type of book and it was pretty blah, but it gave me something to read on the flights.

I’m still working on some cross stitch, but haven’t picked up any knitting. I did purchase (and wind) some pretty hedgehog fibers for socks while at Annie’s. I think I’ll pick that up when I’m done with the cross stitching. I think I’ve started to get a pretty good rhythm down with that, but I don’t know that I’m out of the woods yet.

How about you? What’s new with you this week? Any reading, watching, listening you’d care to share?


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  • How wonderful that you had a great time in NYC. It has a vibe all its own. I haven’t been there in years, but I’d like to try an infrared sauna with chromotherapy. That sounds relaxing. And those drinks [at The Palm?] don’t look bad either!

    • It really was enjoyable. Those drinks were at Il Mulino. It was my favorite place to eat. Such an amazing experience!

  • Hi Kate 🙂 .
    Looks like you had a terrific trip!
    Looking forward to seeing the cross-stitch once it’s done; it sounds like you’re making good progress.
    I’ve been powering through a sock that’s been on the needles for far too long. I want to get a couple pairs done for my daughter’s birthday in August, so I need to get this one (mine!) off the needles so I can get started on hers.
    Reading Yardwork – A Biography of an Urban Place, by Daniel Coleman. And several grammar books 🙂 .
    Watching Call the Midwife, from the beginning.
    Listening to The Arkells, and also Safe As Houses.

    Have a good week, Kate 🙂 .

    • I don’t think I’ve heard of Safe As Houses. I may have to look that up!! Happy knitting! I hope you’ll share pics of your socks. The ones you’ve shown in the past always have the prettiest yarn!!

  • I so so SO love your photos! I’ve never been to New York and this makes me want to visit so badly. I’d love a girl weekend with my daughter. Or you! I think I would love doing everything on your list.

    As for me, still unpacking. Trying to tame the garden. Trimmed a bush not unlike my mom trimmed my toddler bangs. (A little too short!) Reading Orange Is Not the Only Fruit, an older book but new to me. It is both critical and loving (so far) about the experience of growing up lesbian with a fanatically religious mother. And funny–and boy do I appreciate some humor these days.

    • I love NYC. This was my third trip and I still have so many things I’d like to do. I don’t think I could live there if only because I think all the opportunity cost would make me crazy – especially with limited funds!!

      Your book sounds good but like it could be hard to read too -but yes, I’m so ready for humor. I NEED it.

      Happy gardening and unpacking! Hope you are happily settled in soon!

      • Well, I got the title of the book a little wrong–Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. And it’s turned dark. Still humor, but the hard kind. It’s a quirky little read. Interesting. Not really like anything else I’ve ever read. It’s a challenging read.