Tuesday Things


Violet is at cross country. Abram has soccer this evening. I have dinner cooking in a slow cooker (and it smells so good). Yesterday, I confiscated their game system and tablets. It had to happen. My parents were here last night and a little this morning but after they left, V and A wandered around for awhile uncertain how to fill their time without the electric stimulation. They kept circling, but I kept myself busy with housework and stayed out of their way until they finally settled on some game with Lego and other bits and bobs and they played quite nicely. It’s been quite a lovely day.

In exactly one week, Violet will have her first day of middle school. Her classes start at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (I don’t understand WHY when kids natural clocks are shifting to later bed and wake times we move the start times of their school UP, but say that too loud and you’ll get a bunch of bitter crankpant parents saying “In our day…” so I’m not saying that. But I do think it’s ridiculous that we make life harder for EVERYONE.) Anyway off my soapbox, Abram will start the following day so I’m trying to get us all settled into a school schedule. It’s going smashing…I was up just in time for Violet’s first class. I’ll get there.

Jesse and I celebrated 16 years of marriage on Friday. Small tokens and an overnight escape to the cabin with just the two of us and then the long leisurely road back home again. I have always loved car time when it’s just us – we chat and laugh and take turns turning up the radio for favorite songs. Conversations jump all over and he knows what I mean when I say  “Did you remember the thing for the thing?” and answers, “Yes, I got the phone charger.” (Where do the words go? Why are they going? Will I ever get them back?) It’s not a landmark anniversary, but a good chance to slow down and appreciate what we have survived and built together.

It’s been so rainy and stormy the last few days. I’ve loved curling up and snuggling in. I’m ready for fall. I picked up a cookbook from the library yesterday and noticed that all the recipes I tagged were for cool weather comfort food. One in particular was a recipe for a potato chowder I can’t wait to have bubbling on the stove. Speaking of library, I gave up trying to read the John Green book. I couldn’t get past the second chapter.

I have worked a little embroidery and a (very) little knitting. The embroidery is at the stage where it feels as if I’m never ever going to finish. So many x’s. As for knitting, I’m hoping to have a pair of socks for each of my children and Jesse under the tree (though Violet’s feet are growing so fast it doesn’t even seem worth it) and I think that will be it for the homemade gifts this year.

I haven’t watched in the way of television, but did rent The Greatest Showman the other night. I’m going to blame interruptions (I watched it in three bursts with hours in between each burst) not connecting because everyone I know loves it – or at least loves the music.

And that’s me. How are things in your corner of the world? Reading, watching, or making anything you’d like to share?

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  • Oh my gosh, Violet was at cross country today . . . I remember, like it was yesterday, my daughter’s first day of cross country in sixth grade! (And now she’s 22 — today, in fact, is her BD — how time flies.) I hope V enjoys it; XC was a great sport for both my older two. Related, kind of: I think my daughter’s feet became their adult size at age 12 — maybe V’s will get there very soon, in which case socks will never be grown out of again, a real plus when it comes to knitting 😉 .

    Ok, I’m actually aghast at a 7:30 am start to a school day. That’s crazy 🙁 .

    Congratulations on your anniversary! That’s so lovely that you managed a get-away. I confess I laughed out loud at your “where do the words go?” I understand your pain on this matter. I didn’t know what the heck was happening to me, and then one day, many years ago now, I heard a comedian on CBC radio who was lamenting the same thing — “My nouns are gone!” she said — and immediately I thought YES, my nouns are gone too! and then had quite a moment of bitterness at how often it simply sucks to be a woman. I’m glad for you that Jesse is understanding; my husband, while mostly understanding, sometimes is not, and a few months ago I told him to stop jumping in to fill in the blank.

    I’m with you on being ready for fall (it’s 30, feels like 40 here now (86 feels like 104), which is way too hot for me). I took my older son to the train station on Sunday morning and then came home and, despite the heat, swept and straightened his room. I was drenched by the end (heat, humidity, hot flashes, sadness), but I just felt compelled to clean and organize. September always feels like the new year to me, and this year it seems to be coming in like a lion (maybe because my next course starts on the 13th) — I desperately need to lighten this house.

    • Yes!! We had her 6th grade orientation last night. She’s been attending a small religious school (one class per grade level) and the school she’ll be attending now will have over 800 kids (which is more than the middle school and high school I attended COMBINED) so it just BOGGLES me. She’s so ready and excited and I think she’ll do really well, but it also just feels like they are growing up so much faster than just two years ago and I want it to slow down!!!!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one to think a 7:30 start time is crazy!! She’ll need to be leave the house by 7:10 to get there in time and I just think that’s STUPID.

      Ugh! Yes!! Anything that feels like 104 is too hot!! We might not even make it into the 70’s today. It’s a little sad from the I still have summer stuff I want to do before the kids go back to school, but I’ll adjust. I’m ready for jeans and and long sleeves!!

      AND I can’t agree with you more. September is always a bit like a new year – it might actually be my favorite “new year” so good for you for cleaning and organizing and lightening. Hope you can get a few things done before your next course starts.

  • Totally with you on start times. There’s a ton of research that supports later start times for older students. Don’t get me started, please. It’s not just being a cranky pants. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Stepping away now…

    I am so over summer. Too many too hot days. Back at work full-time this week, and I am missing the sane pace of my non-work days. Already tired. But I, too, am relishing the turn toward fall. I miss my sweaters and rain and soup and fires. I want to work on embroidery and watch movies. So far I’m working far too much (just now finishing for the day and it’s 10:45), but I am going to work so so so hard this year on holding boundaries and saying no.

    Wishing you and your kids a great year. I love how everyone is fresh and excited and optimistic in school this time of year. New beginnings are so magical.

    • That’s how I feel about start times. Our school board was discussing it for high schools (not sure if it went through as I don’t have kids that age) but there was a LOT of push back from people which I completely do not understand.

      I need to work so so so hard at keeping boundaries and saying no this year too! Let’s hold each other to that!! And I hope you get cooler weather soon!! First day tomorrow!! Must sleep!

        • Thank you so much for asking! She LOVED it! It’s middle school, so I’m sure we’ll have some bumps along the way, but she’s happy and that makes me happy. I think the move was a good one for her. Abram says he wishes school could be FUN which makes me sad but I’m hoping he’s just saying that because that’s the kind of things his friends say. I think it’s going to be a really good year.