Friday Finds

  1. Creating an extraordinary life.
  2. The idea that hard work = success is problematic.
  3. Tangentially: I wish this was more of a surprise.
  4. Do you have a standard email sign off?
  5. I’ve managed to cut most of my social media but I still want to do a better job breaking up with my phone.
  6. I prefer to do mine in the oven.
  7. People around you are grieving. Go easy.
  8. Even as an introvert, I am 99.98% anti self-checkout.
  9. YES! I love talking ideas with people who see things differently. I hate it when it gets mean spirited or personal.
  10. I am totally embracing JOMO this year.
  11. Sketchbook/Art Journal/Bullet journal eye candy inspo.
  12. Good for them, not for me. (Just looking at the pictures make me itchy!)
  13. Sometimes I miss life before the Internet. LOL.
  14. “Art as a weapon for dynamic optimism”
  15. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this before, but it deserves repeating: The New Midlife Crisis

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  • Kindness IS always possible! (And therefore it’s an eye-opener when it’s not given, and a chilling warning sign when it’s not only NOT given, but the opposite is given.)

    Yes, I’ve felt the bullshit behind the whole meritocracy thing for quite a while; it’s a nice relief to see it written out! And the midlife crisis article…oh gosh, yes 🙁 . I, too, am anti-self-checkout—I get SO angry when that damn voice tells me there’s an unexpected item in the bagging area! I’m not a subscriber to the New Yorker, so I sadly ran out of free articles and couldn’t read all the links, but I did really enjoy seeing the rest of the things you found interesting this week.

    (The link for Number 14 isn’t working.)

    • I really want to purchase that print and put it up as a reminder to myself because I’m not always as good about being as kind as I want to be.

      Thanks for the heads up on Number 14; I have it fixed now.

  • Kate! I love this! Selfishly, I hope it will be a regular feature. I am delighted as much by your teaser/hints of the link contents as the links themselves. I started to read the midlife crisis article but my lunch is about over and I’ll have to go back later. SO MUCH I want to say about all that. I identify as Gen-X even though, as someone born in the last two weeks of 1964, I think I’m officially a boomer. Sure don’t feel like it, and sure didn’t enjoy much of the benefits that generation did. (Although I did get some, especially compared to later Xers.) Now that I have adjusted to my empty nest, I can look back on those years when I felt so much more like the women in the article and say: Yes, it was that hard. And it has everything to do with care-taking.

    Hope you have a wonderful week. I know you posted this Friday, but it’s the brightest spot so far of my Monday.

    • I hope it will be a regular feature too and am glad you enjoyed it!

      I really want to hear what you have to say about the midlife crisis article because the first time I read it I wanted to print it out and start handing out on the street. I have lots of thoughts on it too, but I have to go put a kiddo to bed who does NOT want to go to bed. (I don’t disagree with you on the care-taking aspect.)

      Thank you for the wonderful week wishes!! Right back at you!