Friday Finds

  1. What a great year long knitting project!!
  2. Are you superstitious?
  4. Read more.
  5. Speaking of reading, most of mine falls under the #8 category.
  6. Things that make you go…hmmmm.
  7. And things that make you go…mmmm, no.
  8. Facebook is kinda creeping me out.
  9. This weirds me out a little too.
  10. LOL. I’m totally the oldest (and meanest) of my siblings.
  11. Not usually a fan of things creepy or superhero-y, but I want to see this.
  12. Women are living in a world built for men and it’s killing us. Figuratively and literally.
  13. I want to be a human burrito.
  14. Tips on being a better listener.
  15. WOW.
  16. Ways to break the plastic habit.
  17. “Talent is universal, even if opportunity is not.”
  18. These business cards *are* pretty geek-out-able.
  19. It would take over 300 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper to kill me.
  20. Most common writing errors.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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  • I like the advice about reading more. Especially the idea of putting your phone in airplane mode.

    I think FB is creepy and would never give them the password they now claim to need. Nothing trustworthy about them.

    I’d forgotten about Cup of Jo and her ideas for better listening are good ones. I need to follow her again.

    I like how you share these links. You inspired me to post a list of a few articles that I found this past week. Learning is fun.

    • I really like Cup of Jo!! She feel off my radar for a long while, but I’ve been reading her a lot more lately! I like compiling this list too! There are so many cool things on the net – it’s fun to collect them and share them.

  • That knitted brain . . . oh my gosh!

    Love the tips on how to read more. I’m finding that I want to read books alongside people (so, I suppose “couples” reading, but not necessarily with my husband), even if we never end up talking about the book (beyond “great book!” or “that sucked!”). I have always loved reading the same books as my kids, and I’m really happy that my daughter has similar tastes in books. (I’ve also read a few in the last year or two alongside my older son and his girlfriend, which has been really nice.)

    The whole emotional labour thing is something, hey? I read a piece on it quite a while back, out loud to my husband, because it so precisely summed up so many of my frustrations! (As in, some of the EXACT words that I’ve said to my husband were in the article!)

    Also loved the article on how to be a better listener. Most of the time, I’m a great listener. But add even a hint of anxiety or discomfort with the person and all bets are off 🙁 . I would love to be able to improve on that . . .

    Have a great weekend, Kate!

    • We’ve also had the emotional/invisible labor conversation and I may have actually sent Jesse the podcast so that he could have someone else saying it to him. (I’m pretty sure he’s sick of hearing it from me, and I’m tired of saying it TBH). It’s been a *real* struggle for me the last couple of years, because I’m the stay at home person and that isn’t going to switch, but I’m also EXHAUSTED because this work is good but can be mind numbingly DULL.

      I can *sometimes* be a good listener, but I’m usually not. I REALLY need to work on it.

      Hope your weekend is great as well!!

  • I’ve been so head-down at work that I missed this until today’s lunch! I love this new feature so much. (But am likely to miss it again this Friday because horrible horrible deadline.)

    I don’t even know where to start. I wish reading category #8 was my most common, but to be honest it’s probably #4–not so I can scoff, but because it’s where I have some time. #sadcommentaryonmylife

    I love Austin Kleon, love/hate (but more hate than love these days) FB, have no desire to be a burrito, and cannot fathom taking photos while birthing a human. (That boy looks so MAD about having to leave where he was.) I love the story about the chess-playing boy. So much. As much as I love this list. THANK YOU.