Friday Finds

(I bought a print of this for my laundry room and I LOVE it.)
  1. Adopting step 2 and 3 have made a huge difference in how I use my phone.
  2. Don’t prank your kids and post it online.
  3. Clouds in unexpected places. Pretty. Cool.
  4. I found this quiz and the comparisons interesting.
  5. Are you an evil genius?
  6. Stop asking your kids what they want to be when they grow up.
  7. It’s a start.
  8. Americans hate social media, but don’t want to give it up.
  9. We don’t have Alexa, and aren’t in a hurry to get one.
  10. Bias in the library.
  11. Procrastination is not because of a lack of self-control.
  12. Speaking of self-control, how long will it take you to binge that show?
  13. Best movie songs. (9 to 5 is one of my favorite songs EVER. It’s pure genius.)
  14. This smacks a little of boys will be boys to me.
  15. I kind of want to make my own butter mints this Easter.
  16. Eye candy.
  17. Equality for women must start in the home.
  18. I’ve used this in the past and find it helpful.
  19. The environmental impact of streaming music might be higher than you think.
  20. French fry power rankings. (I’m trying to eat healthier so these are my french fries lately.)
  21. How the Mona Lisa became so well known. (I didn’t know this and found it really interesting.)
  22. A tip for better conversations.
  23. What Americans say, and what we actually mean. (Guilty.)
  24. Instagram and travel photography.
  25. The universe is amazing.
  26. Could you do this? Not me.

Have a happy weekend!

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  • We recently got Alexa [a gift] and I’m unnerved by her/it. I read the article you linked to. I find that I’m wanting to not have personal conversations in the room in which we put it.

    The best movie songs link is great. I grooved on Let the River Run when I first heard it years ago. It was kind of my anthem at one point. Had forgotten about it, so thanks.

    About buttermints, my husband is crazy for those things. Might make some to surprise him.

    What Americans say/mean is spot on. I’m guilty, too.

    • While we were redoing our kitchen, we lived with our in-laws and they had an Alexa. She’s very handy and I can see the appeal, but there were times when you’d look over and the light would be glowing and I just felt creeped out at the idea that something was listening.

      Butter mints are a weakness. Especially with peanuts. So good.

  • I spent so much time reading I don’t really have time for commenting. But I loved so many things on this. And there are still more things I want to come back to later. I will say, I wish I could do a kitchen without upper cabinets. But I sure can’t in the one I have now. And the eye candy was so cool. Oh, and I’ve always hated when people share videos of their kids in distress. I just don’t get that. Not even that they are posting, but that they took out their camera to film it. It’s just mean.

    • When we planned out the kitchen here we discussed all the uppers being open shelves and ultimately ended up compromising. I got a long wall of shelves, but I just don’t think I could go without uppers.

      I couldn’t agree with you more on people filming their kids in distress. WHY?? THOUGH once when Abram was throwing a tantrum about something when he was three I recorded it and showed it back to him (I had no idea what else to do because nothing else I tried was working) and he ended up laughing so…

      • I think filming in that context is really different from filming and posting it for all the world to see. And we’ve all had that moment when we just don’t know what the heck to do with a toddler. I guess I’m thinking of people who habitually film/post. Because there are some.

  • Hi Kate!
    Oh my gosh—so much I want to comment on, but I know I’ll miss a few…

    Love the clouds and the eye candy (sent both onwards to my kiddos, because they’ll love them too).

    Alexa is creepy. We will never get one.

    The evil genius article was really interesting, and helpful as well, as it fits in with some thoughts I’ve had over the last while about a particular friend. Also love the tips for better conversations!

    I recently listened to a podcast on Ologies about personality tests—and was a bit disheartened to learn there’s not much scientific backing for the MBTI types. The big 5, on the other hand, is more accurate. (The results seem far less satisfactory though! Maybe I prefer labels?)

    YES, to let’s stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up! AND let’s stop asking each other “what do you do?” (I feel like this might go hand-in-hand with the WSJ article on women’s equality starting in the home, but I was unable to read that one as I’m not a subscriber. Can you give me a 2-3 sentence summary and tell me if I’m right?)

    The procrastination article was SO helpful! I’ve been procrastinating on something for months now and it’s totally for the reasons listed. Now that I know that, perhaps I can just do it already!

    And lastly, thank you for the 5-minute therapy technique article. I have an incredibly mean inner critic, so I’m going to try that technique and see if it helps.

    Have a good weekend, Kate!
    (BTW, did your whole wheat cookies turn out?)

    • The article was written by Melinda Gates and discusses the importance of men taking on important household labor – even when their wives have chosen to give up their careers with motherhood. She also discusses many of the labors that fall to women – largely care taking in its many forms – and how that does a disservice to both men (who could benefit from developing those skills) and women (who don’t have time to develop other skills because care can be such an all consuming task.)

      And while the big five may be more scientifically accurate, I’ll always like the Myers-Briggs.

      I’m totally guilty of asking people what they do though I like to think I’m thoughtful when I follow up with “What’s your favorite part of xyz?” 😉

      Hope your enjoying your weekend. We had ANOTHER snow day this week and I had analysis paralysis so the cookies are still waiting to be baked.

      • Thanks for giving me the gist of the article, Kate. Agreed on all the points you’ve mentioned!

        (I get analysis paralysis too. Just in case you didn’t know: whole wheat flour spoils fairly quickly as the oily germ layer can go rancid—so it’s best to store it in the freezer until you figure out what recipe to try 🙂 .)