Friday Finds

  1. Just random things I find funny. (warning: lots of puns)
  2. Male and female brains are different. Should it matter?
  3. Nature is pretty.
  4. This is helping me drink a gallon of water a day. (Mine is yellow.)
  5. Do you like to puzzle?
  6. Is it possible to dream of nothing?
  7. Hebrew National for ever and for always.
  8. These vanity plates make me laugh.
  9. Conversation starters,
  10. Is this a good idea or a sign that we need to work on memory/recall?
  11. This was my go to method for years but I didn’t love the results. About three months dug one out of a cookbook I bought cheap at a yard sale similar to this and I’ll never go back.
  12. I loved both of these movies when I was young and this made me laugh out loud.
  13. Help kids remember with questions not nagging.
  14. According to this, I’m a grizzly bear. (Pretty accurate description of me to be honest.)
  15. Those aren’t fighting words, dear. (This would not be my response though I admire it.)
  16. The things you can learn on the internet. (100% need this)
  17. Speaking of, I love the idea of a internet for kids. What do you think?
  18. It boggles my mind that Notre Dame has been around for almost one thousand years. What to do now?
  19. Violet and I love looking at pictures of cats.
  20. What if social media stopped making likes public?

Have a great weekend!

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  • I don’t want to take notes when I’m with friends, so I’m saying no to #10.

    I boil eggs for 10 minutes in salted water, however I like this timing chart. Baking soda instead of salt? Sure, why not?

    I’d love [dare I say Like] to see the end of likes everywhere on social media. It won’t happen I suppose but it’d be nice to *force* people to be attentive [sincere?] when interacting with you.

    • I don’t necessarily want to take notes either, but I do find myself texting/emailing myself books, recipes, and other recommendations from friends so I wonder if this might be a better way to go about doing things?

      I’ve used both salt and baking soda and I haven’t been able to find a discernible difference.

      Likes are ONE of the many reasons I left FB and IG. I think some people are more immune to it than me, but I really struggled with it and I’m glad I learned that about myself enough to be done.

  • Question: Does the water get warm in that big bottle? If it somehow doesn’t, I think I’d love that.

    I have often wondered the dreaming question, when I wake up with no memory of dreams. Good to know there’s a name for that.

    I kind of love the vanity plates, and kind of wonder how people have that much time. I don’t.

    Oh, and I’m a Black Mamba Snake. (Watch out!) “The predator that best matches your personality is the black mamba, and much like this animal, you are a quick thinker, and you move even faster on your feet (yes, we know, snakes don’t have feet…) You are extremely territorial, and you hate it when people invade your personal space. You are a very calm person, but when provoked, you will strike with full force.”

    And I looked at other things (you are a great curator of interwebbian coolness), but I really liked the Modern Love essay. I don’t think I could have done that, either. There are some ideas in there I want to unpack. I think there are some lessons in it that I’ve stumbled upon through my own experience lately. A good, thought-provoking read.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    • I usually start out with cold cold water and by the end of the day it’s about room temperature. I’m not picky about water temperature though so this works for me. I was worried it would get “stale” tasting, but I haven’t noticed that!

      I’ve been sitting on that essay link for almost a month trying to decide if I wanted to post it. In the end, I decided to because I kept thinking about it. I still don’t really know how I feel about it.

    • This was the more thorough description grizzly bear. “The predator that best matches your personality is the grizzly bear, and much like this animal, you are courageous, strong and grounded. These intimidating animals are not subtle, and if they could, they would tell you exactly what they’re thinking (Mmmm…salmon.) But seriously, just like a grizzly, you love your alone time, and no one should disturb you unless it’s truly necessary.”

      • I think I might have a little grizzly bear in me, too. 🙂

        About that essay…it hits close to home for me. Not that either of us said, “I don’t love you anymore,” but something about the power of waiting things out. Of saying, “How can we give you the space you need without hurting the children?” I wonder how many marriages might survive then. I wonder if that’s how all long-term marriages do. It’s just good food for thought. I was wondering, too, about her no-more-suffering ideas. Seemed to me that she was still suffering some. I don’t know if I understand/buy that part.

  • Hi Kate,
    I love your “when I need a laugh” Pinterest board! I’ve begun taking screenshots of Instagram posts I like, most especially ones that make me laugh on sites such as Introvert, Dear. (I should email you some…do you follow Introvert, Dear, or are you totally off IG as well?)

    The vanity plates were great, and so many did make me laugh! But—sigh—I also have a propensity to laugh inappropriately, and there’s such good advice in that wikihow piece.

    Those conversations starters are a great idea. I feel like making notes about them so I can remember! (I’ll should add them to the instructions on “how to be a better listener” and then make a point of reviewing them whenever I leave the house 🙂 .) I confess that I have made notes while with friends. In fact, on my first coffee date with my one IRL friend here I actually made notes for HER, and up until now have never considered that that might have been weird! (We were talking books-for-boys and I had a whole slew of suggestions as my older son is quite a bit older than her oldest son, so I pulled out a scrap of paper and wrote them down for her. Maybe this is why I only have one IRL friend here?)

    I would love the idea of an internet for kids.

    The “Those aren’t fighting words, dear” was a great piece. What a level-headed, patient, and practical response. I’m glad it worked out for her/them and that she wrote about it.

    The puzzling article was interesting. It absolutely makes sense that when the world is out of control we look for small ways to get back in control, and something like puzzling (or knitting, or cross-stitch) will not only be soothing from the perspective of “hey, look at the concrete thing I’ve accomplished,” but the repetitiveness of the activity is also meditative, which is a great thing for times when everything seems out of control.

    Have a good weekend, Kate!

    • Regarding laughing inappropriately, there are two instances where it has happened to me and I was absolutely MORTIFIED. The first was when I was in high school. We used to take these 12 seater puddle jumper flights from Milwaukee, MI into Muskegon, MI to go visit family and on one of our trips back, there was a thunderstorm and TERRIBLE turbulence. I can’t even tell you how much we were getting bounced around and I could not stop giggling. My sister kept hitting me in the hopes to get me to shut up and I’m sure everyone else on the plane wanted to kill me. The other was about 10 years ago – my mom had a pretty serious complication during a routine surgery that landed her in the ICU (she’s fine now) but when I walked into the room to see her, I took one look and just busted out laughing and the more I tried to stop, the harder I laughed. I had to leave the room – giggling into my fist for at least five minutes outside her room before a very sweet nurse and got me a glass of water and told me it happens all the time. I don’t know if I believe her. Thankfully, my mom doesn’t even remember.

      I think note taking can be very valuable in conversations with friends. I have text messages from myself to myself and emails too where I send myself something that gets recommended by a friend. I actually did send that article via text to a specific friend because we’re always sharing tips, tricks, contractors, books, blogs. And I’m sure your IRL friend appreciated it!!