Friday Finds

  1. This mouse made me smile.
  2. How Brené Brown gets it done.
  3. My creative type is dreamer.
  4. Find your passion is terrible advice.
  5. I want to be a weaver.
  6. Four questions.
  7. These photographs of NYC are gorgeous.
  8. I’m getting old. (14,957 days to be exact.)
  9. I added thunder to a gray and rainy day using the icon on this website. It was soothing.
  10. I love the idea of a mocktail bar.
  11. Tips and tricks for better iPhone photos.
  12. How to Raise Successful People. (I thought this contained a lot of wisdom.)
  13. Daydreaming about fun summer project ideas. (I like a lot of these.)
  14. Time’s 100.
  15. Eat green.
  16. I loved this take on ways to be more decisive.
  17. Knitterly dreams (garment version): this, this, and this.

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  • Hi Kate 🙂
    That mouse gave me a much-needed laugh this morning—thank you for that!

    I watched Brené Brown’s hour-ish-long Netflix show the other day. Through tears, tbh. Vulnerability is hard, and it can be awful when it goes wrong. I sometimes wonder which is worse: trying and failing and having to deal with the consequences, or never trying and wondering if you should have?

    I LOVE the weaver thing! This is a completely new term to me, and yet meshes exactly with my thoughts over the last several years. I’m so heartened to know I haven’t been completely out to lunch, that others are also seeing the same things.

    What a gorgeous striped tunic (the middle pattern)! And So-faded is in my Ravelry favourites, too 🙂 .

    I hope you have a good weekend, Kate!

  • Thanks, Marian!!

    I watched the Brene Brown special on netflix too and I agree with everything you said in regards to vulnerability. I tend to fall in the trying and failing came after too many years of not trying.

    That one in the middle is my favorite too! I have the yarn for the Veronika. I just need to get it on my needles and commit.

    Hope you have a great weekend!! Lots of baseball and fishing here this weekend!

  • I’ve never liked the phrase ‘find your passion.’ If the saying was ‘find your interest, then develop a passion’ I’d be happier. The article you linked to makes sense to me.

    I want to go to a Mocktail Bar. I drink alcohol, but not always so this sounds like fun to me.

    The how to be more decisive article is timely for me. I’ve been contemplating my own indecisiveness this week. Good advice there.

    • I agree with you on interest/passion.

      And we sound similar on the alcohol. I feel like a mocktail bar would be perfect for me.

      Hope you’re having a good weekend!!

  • I didn’t get any further than #5, and my lunchtime is over. The piece about weaving choked me up, something I need to sit with for a bit. My creative type is also dreamer. I sort of wish I were an innovator or maker–and might have been if I’d chosen differently on the questions I felt unsure of–but dreamer does fit. I’m much more interested in dreaming about my projects than in doing them. I’m becoming more and more OK with that. I will have to come back later for me. Thank you for sharing, as always. I sure love this little blog of yours.

    • I KNOW I’m not an innovator but I think I would have liked to be a maker too!!

      I had the same reaction to the weaver article.

      I really appreciate your kind comments, Rita. I’m certainly grateful for the friends I’ve made because of it. 🙂