Friday Finds


I’m overdue for a Tuesday Things post. Next week. In the meantime here are some random things:

  1. I know what I’m doing December 6.
  2. Halloween Candy ranked. (Tootsie Rolls vastly outrank Swedish Fish IMO, but I agree on the top slot. What’s your favorite?)
  3. I am SUCH a fan of this.
  4. And longer lunch times.
  5. Why you never see your friends anymore.
  6. Truth.
  7. I’m really working on some these – especially the perfectionism one.
  8. This Robert Pattinson story is just hilarious to me.
  9. I’m adding a few of these to my TBR pile. Fair Play and All the Rage are high on my list.
  10. Cooking is so much more than cooking.
  11. Why middle school is so hard.
  12. I still remember all the dismembered heads.
  13. Tips for traveling together in peace.
  14. So cool.
  15. Turn off your bluetooth.
  16. This does not surprise me.
  17. A transcontinental bike trail. Pretty cool.
  18. Pantone’s 2020 spring/summer color palette. (Love all the bright colors!)
  19. Vacation dreaming.
  20. These pictures are amazing. (But I would have been okay skipping the last one.)

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  • Lots of good links here. I like the Pantone colors, too. I won’t be able to wear them all [saffron?] but they’re a cheery burst of happy. I didn’t know that bluetooth was potentially dangerous, so thanks. I remember how when I got to high school my lunchtime went from 20 min to 25 minutes and I was delighted to actually be able to eat all of my lunch. The variety of topics you find to share is wonderful.

  • Thanks!! I have fun finding them!! I didn’t know about Bluetooth either!! Kind of scary – though I stil use it because it’s convenient. I just toggle it on and off more now.

    I had a friend tell me recently that their school switched to recess before lunch to keep the kids from rushing. I wish my kids’ school would do that.

    Ha! I just bought a saffron colored sweatshirt the other day! Funny how different colors work for different people!

    Glad you stopped by!! Hope you have a good weekend!!

  • Hi Kate 🙂
    So many interesting links! I laughed at the Robert Pattinson one too—but it also kind of hit home because I’m trying to figure out if someone I recently talked to lied about something! (He’s either lying, and is trying to gaslight me, or I’m going crazy; I don’t like either proposition!)

    The cooking one . . . that was the basis for a huge argument with my husband a couple of months ago. We generally have a great marriage, but it took quite a blow-up for him to finally understand everything that was involved with getting food in the house and meals on the table.

    On the “milk is disgusting” one, it’s interesting to me that the author says butter is ok. And ice cream. I’d have thought any dairy-based item would be viewed similarly. I’m curious—have you stopped dairy? I did, a few years ago, as a trial to see if it would reduce my rosacea (it did, completely!), and since then I’ve gone mostly vegan for all the other reasons, but my two sons still consume dairy and I confess I wish they wouldn’t.

    • Oooh!! I’m so sorry to hear about the lying thing, Marian!! Half truths and lying are HUGE deal breakers for me.

      The food thing IS hard. Invisible labor of any kind can be such a hot button I think. (At least it’s has been here lately. Not because I expect him to DO it – I’m a SAHM and not tackling other projects – as much as I want him to see how hard I’m working.)

      As for dairy, I’m almost the exact same as the article. Butter is good. I love ice cream. But I cannot drink milk. (I once took a sip of Abram’s when he was little because the glass was over full and immediately had to spit it out. Just complete rejection on the part of my body.) I don’t eat a lot of cheese and sour cream grosses me out but I like plain Greek yogurt (especially with berries) so I’m just kind of weird picky about dairy. I’m lucky, I don’t eat a lot, but I don’t seem to be really sensitive to it either. It’s amazing how your rosacea cleared up – I’ve heard that’s a trigger for so many!!

  • Hi Kate!
    I loved seeing the little knitted pumpkins, so cute!! I placed my handmade needlepoint seasonal cuties in my front window for a bit of joy this month.

    The article in The Atlantic about friends and society was fascinating!

    This part in the Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed article in the Harvard Business Review “…our “complexity of mind” or our ability to handle that level of complexity and be effective. This has nothing to do with how smart we are, but with how we make sense of the world and how we operate in it.” was a good to perspective for me. I actually went through the exercises on Friday the article presented to see if this would help my own overwhelmed. Saturday night, I was yet hit by the overwhelming senecio that I am struggling which carried me into that awful place until this morning. I’m fine now! So this morning after my walk with my Yorkie, I plan to pull up that article again and do the exercises again. Fantastic article you found!

    I am curious if you think that these two article could be a bit interrelated?

    Thank you for sharing your work with me.

    • Hi TD!! So glad you could stop by. Sorry it has taken so long to respond. We’ve had a bit of a couple weeks!! I do think the article regarding friends and feeling overwhelmed are interconnected! Honestly, I’m glad that you’re getting use out the overwhelmed article!! Are you finding it helpful?

      • Yes, using the exercises did help me with identifying!! The article gave me pause and the I gave myself the space I needed too!

  • This post was worth the price of admission (OK, way MORE than the price of admission) just for the Robert Pattinson link. You made me LOL at 8:00 in the morning, and that just doesn’t happen very often.

    In other random reactions: Also a fan of later start times. We moved ours back a whopping half hour this year, which I thought was maybe meaningless–but it is noticeably better for me. Hope it is for the students, too. I am working fairly hard at trying to figure out how to see friends and take care of myself and let unimportant things go, and it is HARD. I am not succeeding much. And so much of that is about farking dinner, and I don’t even have kids to feed any more. I really think that if you make it to your 50s, adulting should be easier.

    And now, off to work. Thank you for these posts. I love them so.

    • Oh, thank you, Rita!! I’m glad I could get you a laugh. I still think about that ROBERT PATTINSON story and chuckle. (I have no idea why my auto correct just made his name all caps, but I’m leaving it!!) Violet’s start time is 7:30 and I just think that’s asinine. I understand that there are issues with busing/sport practice timing and all, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me that she should have to leave the house at 7AM to go to school. Especially since our grade schools are start after 8 (some of them not until after 8:30).

      As for seeing friends and taking yourself and letting unimportant things go, I think just trying IS success at this point. Lately it seems like we have to take seriously drastic measures if we want to slow down. And yes…dinner. It’s EVERY FREAKING NIGHT.

      Hope you’re doing well!