Friday Finds

  1. How to start a conversation.
  2. Donating LEGO.
  3. Speaking of, we just got their Christmas catalog and this one of the items the kids circled.
  4. Astrological sign based self-care.
  5. Need help decluttering?
  6. If I had an “article club” I think this one would be on my list to read and discuss.
  7. I tried cooking pasta like this the other day and it just felt weird but turned out fine.
  8. Stephen King turning his house into a writers retreat?
  9. Half of U.S. children have a smart phone.
  10. Paul Rudd is ageless. (I scored a 13/20)
  11. Using animal training techniques on your significant other.
  12. Tips on being a better listener.
  13. Fasting has become quite the fad.
  14. Feeling this article on tending to mom friendships.
  15. Book storage eye candy.
  16. We don’t have a Costco near us but I wonder if I’d like it?
  17. I’m a big fan of Penzey’s Spices (a friend got me some for Christmas one year and they were great) and this made me laugh.
  18. The 30 best HBO shows of all time. (In case you’re like me and need something to watch while Christmas crafting.)
  19. I bought this and I’m super excited to use it. (I love Tracy’s blog.)
  20. A pinterest board of cats.

Happy weekend!!!

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  • Ok, I love Penzey’s Spices, have a list on my kitchen counter right now in fact. I am pleased to know that they’re doing they’re best to get rid of The Donald.

    I find it weird to think as many kids have smart phones as they do, but I believe it. To me smart phones seem like a luxury, but I’m not against kids with them as long as the kids look away from the screens every so often.

    As for Costco, we’ve been a member for maybe 15 years. We remain members because like the article said: “Costco solves the paradox of choice.” We don’t often buy food there, but all the other items [I trust] are the best in their categories. Plus walking around one of those stores is a good way to get yourself moving and entertained at the same time.

    • I know Penzey’s has been very vocal in their opposition, but that surprised (and delighted) me!!

      For all I roll my eyes at all these kids with smart phones, both of my kids have them. I don’t love that they have them, but we all are learning how to use them judiciously.

  • Hi Kate 🙂
    I loved The Crane Wife story! Is an article club something you’ve considered doing with your IRL friends?

    Too funny—just yesterday I saw the T-rex LEGO set and had to say, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!” to my youngest. Sadly, he is now too old to even want the Architecture sets. (Books and socks for everyone now, haha.)

    When we lived in MN, we belonged—for a short time—to Sam’s Club, which is very much like Costco. I hated it. Buying in such large quantities meant a lot of food got wasted, and I also didn’t like how over-packaged things were. Yes, larger boxes or bottles generally have less packaging than the same amount packaged in smaller boxes or bottles, but there always seemed to be some larger plastic wrapping over the bigger quantity, or a plastic handle connecting two bottles of something or another. It drove me up a creek…

    Love the conversation starters, and the tips on how to be a better listener, and I got a 13 on the Paul Rudd quiz as well 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Kate!

    • Hi Marian!!

      I do have a *small* group of IRL friends that have talked about starting an article club. We usually meet once a month or so for coffee and share podcasts, shows, articles and we’ve talked about incorporating a specific article.

      We have a Sam’s Club here too but we’ve never used it for a few different reasons. It just not my thing.

      Socks and books is a Christmas right up my alley!!

      Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  • I loved The Crane’s Wife–read it earlier this fall. Wish we could have an article club IRL. The one I’d bring is another Paris Review article I saw this morning:

    As for Costco, I do not love it. We’ve had them here for more than 30 years. I am not a member. I do remember going to one for the first time with a boyfriend, and he was amazed and loved it. I didn’t. Some things in us are set pretty early, I think.

    Speaking of set things, Paul Rudd really doesn’t age. I didn’t even finish the quiz. I got the first one right and then about 7 in a row wrong, and that was enough for me! I predict this aspect of Paul will change in his 50s, though. I was carded at least once a year until I was 47. Legit cardings, too–not the kind where everyone, even your grandma, gets carded. And the 50s, well: No one gets out of them unscathed. I really miss my old face sometimes.

    Finally, I got a kick out of the astrological self-care article. My (very rational, smart, sensible) daughter is into astrology, which is the only reason I clicked on it. But, the suggestions for both of us were spot-on! Maybe there’s something to it, after all…

    I was so glad to see this today. I sat down to eat lunch and thought: It’s Friday. Maybe Kate has a list of things to read today–really really really hoping you did. Thank you! It’s been a crappy week, so I truly appreciated this treat to help send me into a much-needed weekend.

    • First, I’m sorry you’ve had a crappy week! I hope your weekend is going much better and I’m glad I could treat you. 🙂

      That article you shared was a bit of a punch of the gut. Violet is 100% adult teeth and a million other things that cement the linear nature of time and break my heart. I don’t want to be the parent who laments “it goes so fast” when it’s all still going, but…it goes so fast. I know you understand.

      I also have a suggestion for your (rational, smart, sensible) daughter who likes astrology. Nadine Jane Astrology is a favorite of mine. I treated myself to a one on one reading for my birthday this year and it was amazing. She’s got a great Instagram account. (I like astrology too!!)

      • I have to chime in…
        “I don’t want to be the parent who laments “it goes so fast” when it’s all still going, but…it goes so fast.”
        When my youngest was about one year old, I was in the grocery store with him, and an older woman came up to me and told me how she wished she had realized, when her kids were young, how fast it all goes. I think the knowledge that it “goes so fast” is what made me a better and more patient parent (with my third, sigh), because without that knowledge and perspective, it is WAY too easy to get caught up in busyness and to simply be annoyed at all the work of being a parent. (I was guilty of this for more years than I care to admit to.)

        A few weeks ago, a friend who prides himself on his logical mind told me that he nipped a potential relationship in the bud because his belief in the Myers-Brigg personality types was questioned. As a person who prides herself on being rational, smart, and sensible—and who sees HIM as rational, smart, and sensible—it struck me that perhaps even the most logical amongst us really do find some comfort (and direction) in external labels. (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the MBTI has little scientific backing, partly because I see what it does for him and partly because I find it a huge comfort myself.) I confess I’m not a fan of astrology, but I DID click on the link you provided, Kate. I read the advice given for my sign (Aries) and while I did find it resonated, I also found that I resonated with the advice given for every. single. sign. Similarly, Nadine Jane Astrology, which I also looked up, seems to be sharing a LOT of really great advice—erm, that can be applicable to pretty much anyone… I do hope you don’t take this as criticism, Kate; I think if you find value in something, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. (But maybe it’s worthwhile noting that if astrological advice is near-universal “good advice,” then perhaps that means we all want and need pretty much the same things?)