Friday Finds

  1. I always clean when feeling out of sorts.
  2. Cool pictures.
  3. What makes you happy?
  4. Jailing librarians?
  5. Have and always will love Sir Patrick Stewart.
  6. How to help your kids manage anxiety.
  7. NY Public Library’s 10 most checked out books of all time. (The first one is an all time favorite. My mom was SO good at reading that one.)
  8. And…The NY Times 10 best books of 2019. (Haven’t read a one.)
  9. This came out in 2018, but it’s a good reminder.
  10. I want a cat. Honest, I have a whole board devoted to kitties.
  11. How to make friends when you don’t want to “grab a drink”.
  12. Does hurting make us human?
  13. I thought this movie was cute.
  14. Gen X women don’t get enough sleep.
  15. I had a really strong reaction and am absolutely fascinated. The WORK that must have gone into making them.
  16. Wow.
  17. Success after 40.
  18. Ron Swanson is my favorite Parks and Rec character.
  19. Blogs are a good idea.
  20. The first and last time Mr. Rogers sang “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”.
  21. Big fan of the analog clock.
  22. Dream vacation: one and two.
  23. Some adorable dik dik pics (the pun made me laugh).

Hope you have a very happy weekend! Ours is going to be full and busy with the Pinewood Derby, a birthday party, and an all day show choir competition.

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  • The image you used on this post is great. I agree with Chuck Wendig about the value of blogs. Like he said you control your blog while other social media control you. I also like what Bill Gates had to say about happiness. That guy may be a brilliant billionaire but he’s a down-to-earth one. Thanks for putting these links together here.

    • I agree with you on Chuck Wendig’s comments, Ally Bean!! Im still on social, but more and more I’m realizing I don’t LIKE it. I LOVE blogs – especially the “old” style ones where there are stories and snippets and thoughts. It’s like having a bunch of pen pals. Makes my heart happy!!

  • Oh, Kate. There is so much in this list. Seriously, I’d like to know what your reading habits/methods are. How do you come across so much cool/interesting stuff?

    The drone photos are the best kind of eye candy. The Mr. Rogers video: So many feels, and I’m not even entirely sure of why. When I heard the opening notes of the music, I felt transported back to my childhood, and the way I felt in the late afternoons when that music came through the television (cozy, safe). Of course, the Mr. Rogers I knew was the one in the first clip. To then see the change in him in the last clip made me feel so many things. A kind of wistful sadness and longing and happiness and gratitude, all mixed together. I love all the suggestions of things to do with friends that aren’t getting a drink, and I’m now going to watch that movie that I haven’t just because I assumed it would be a dumb comedy (not a smart one). Maybe the marketing didn’t do it justice?
    The body suits repelled me. I supposed I should unpack that. I probably won’t. And, yeah on the sleep business–and all those factors causing it. I, too, am glad to know it’s not just me.

    As always, thank you for making my Friday lunch so pleasurable. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    • So…I probably spend an hour a day (sometimes less, sometimes a LOT more) bopping around the internet. If I find an article linked on Instagram, a post in my blog feed, or if someone shared something that resonates with me, I save it to a secret board on Pinterest. Then on Thursday night/Friday morning, I sort through and link the ones I still like. Some weeks I luck out and find a lot. Some weeks I don’t find much and I usually skip those weeks.

      I will always love Fred Rogers. You said it perfectly. Just hearing him makes you feel safe…cozy…he was GENUINE.

      I don’t know if I’d say that it’s a super smart comedy, but it was very cute and I laughed.

      Yes!! I had such a strong reaction to the body suits too! I don’t know what that was about really. As art, I just thought how painstaking it would be to MAKE them.

      Thank you, Rita!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

  • Hi Kate!
    I can 100% relate to the cleaning post, and got a huge laugh out of this part: “…after cleaning, participants reported feeling more determined, inspired and proud and less jittery, nervous and hostile.” (Less HOSTILE! Yup!)

    The post about jailing librarians: I wish I could say I was surprised to read this. I’m appalled, yes, but surprised, no. There’s some seriously dystopian sh*t going on in the US right now…

    Have a good weekend, Kate 🙂 .

    • Cleaning *is* one of those jobs that is so GRATIFYING.

      I’m not surprised either, but I also wonder if that bill is going anywhere? I think some of these things are created to be so outlandish that lesser changes seem more reasonable? I know I struggle with some of the material found in Violet’s school library. I’m not actively seeking to get these books banned or the librarian penalized, obviously, but I can understand parents (especially at this age) wanting greater control over what their kids have access to read. I think what kids have access to in libraries is a discussion that’s always been there and always will be and maybe SHOULD be?

      • I do agree that school libraries need to be careful with material. The school that my son just left had a library that served Kindergarten through Grade 8, and fiction books for the older grades were kept separate from those that were appropriate for the younger kids. But this bill in Missouri doesn’t pertain to school libraries—it’s intended for public libraries.

        • I’m sorry if my example left things unclear. I think it’s an important discussion for all libraries – even while I disagree with the bill.

  • Kate and Marian, I just read the article on cleaning and I certainly do not get an “adrenaline rush”!

    I say this as I am in process of packing to move downsizing. I’m am OCD; organized to the extreme. Example I purchased weathertight plastic containers and using a color code paper labeling as I pack to direct the movers as to where to place them in the apartment. I’m cleaning my items as I place the in the containers. I am taking breaks as I feel weak, sore, tired. I am letting go of a lot. I feel no “adrenaline rush” still.

    I will keep much of the items in the storage containers in the apartment as in the next 5-6 months I will be moving again into my hopefully new home that I can afford to purchase. (Not a dream hope, but something within my financial means as I’m aging.

    I do agree with the article that I feel a sense of control of my environment which relieves a lot of anxiety that I feel in other places that are not organized nor clean.

    I don’t feel proud, but more I think other people must think I’m insane! I often hear from people who come inside my home “You are so organized!” I have been this way all of my life, even as a child.

    • I’m that kind of organized too, TD. I know it drives some people crazy, but I think it makes life so much easier!!

      I wish you well on your packing and move!! I’ve moved quite and bit and I love it because it creates the perfect opportunity to really purge (or deep clean) items!!

      • Thank you, Kate for the well wishes (I want/need well wishes). One of the three men assisting with my move did notice the OCD and said something negative, so I replied, “It’s a skill! (with a big smile).” He said that’s an on going disagreement with his daughter. Needless to say, he was my least favorite of my three mover assistants.

        The move is completed and I am loving my OCD organized lovely space that reflects me and my eccentric life.

        Catching up on life!