Friday Finds

  1. Netflix finally letting you turn off autoplaying previews.
  2. Adweek’s 10 best Super Bowl Ads. (The Boston accent one made me laugh.)
  3. How to raise a gracious kid.
  4. Let’s stop telling children to shut up and learn.
  5. I just saved a pattern for a temperature blanket before I saw this article.
  6. This is so pretty to me.
  7. Knitting with human skin cells? Science is so creepy cool!!!
  8. This backpack is going on my wishlist.
  9. This is not okay.
  10. Too fat to ski. (YES!!!!!!!!!!)
  11. Libraries are vital!
  12. Cut back on email to stop global warming.
  13. The English language is weird.
  14. Death on Mars.
  15. This reminds me of a certain clothing company hat that my husband loves. I want to knit one.
  16. I really respected this.
  17. I love you. (This is so so so sweet and true.)
  18. Emotional labor and who does it has been a big discussion in our house this year.
  19. Sites to help you find ethical alternatives.
  20. How to show love by the stars.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  • I like that backpack. Only 1 left it said.

    I don’t get the outrage over tearing a book in half. People need to get over themselves and remember to live & let live.

    I’ve never heard of the Bumble website, but it looks clever. Not going to join but fun to know about.

    • I wouldn’t join the site either, but I liked how they broke down how to show love for each astrological sign. (I think horoscopes are fun.)

      It makes my skin crawl. But as you said – live and let live.

  • Hi Kate!
    What a lovely collection of articles this week 🙂 .
    I’m going to send the knitting-with-skin-cells article to my daughter (she’s doing her M.Sc. and has just become obsessed with knitting, so she’ll agree that it is SO COOL!).
    LOVED the link about adjectives. I did not know that!
    Emails and global warming…I had an inkling of the problem, but didn’t know the extent of it.
    I actually think it’s OK to cut books in half. I used to think books were almost sacrosanct, but now I see them more as tools to convey ideas or stories. I’m now doing things I never would have done years ago: reading with a pencil and dog-earing (and it’s quite freeing!).
    This morning I read about Trump’s post-impeachment speech. It’s chilling, so yes, kudos to Mitt Romney for his courage in standing up for his principles and for the principles of your democracy.
    Emotional labour has been a huge thing in our house this year. (It pretty much ruined Christmas for me this year.) It’s a great idea to write it all down—either as an instruction or just to document it.
    Have a good weekend, Kate!

    • I’ll make notes or dog ear, but splitting them in half? Makes my skin crawl. As Ally Bean said though – live and let live.

      I really LOVED that knitting skin cell article. It might have been my favorite this week just because the idea is SO cool.

  • Hi Kate,
    As always, so many good things to ponder. I loved those photos of the places being reclaimed by nature, and the article about children’s questions being shut down just made me sad. It does not surprise me (I spend a lot of time in classrooms), but it made me sad. I remember my own kids telling me that they didn’t want to ask questions because they thought they’d be seen as trouble-makers. Can you believe that? But they had experiences that cemented that fear for them. I also loved the article on adjective order–I had no idea. Never occurred to me that we have an order for strings of adjectives. Sometimes I hate how many things in recent years I’ve become aware of having previously been oblivious to–because most of those revelations have been painful–but this one was delightful.
    Saved the article on ethical sourcing to my Adulting board on Pinterest. Hope I remember it’s there. I wonder if that’s contributing to climate change, too?

    • I can believe that. And it makes me sad too.

      I’m sure Pinterest has impacts too – anything that takes up server space. As I was typing this post I was thinking about how even blogs probably are part of the problem.

      As for Bumble, I didn’t think when I posted the link that it was coming from a “dating” site. I’m grateful that I’m not at that place in my life!!

  • YESSS! Another Friday post!

    So my youngest daughter says, “I love you” to me several times an hour and I used to think it was compulsive but now I love it. It is really nice to have someone tell you they love you that much in a day.

    • I think that would be lovely. My oldest is very understated though she DOES often make me tea which I think is so sweet.