Tuesday Things

Last week, Jesse had to travel for work and both kids had places to be every night and the weekend was full of show choir and basketball. It was so busy and so good. I’m not feeling the best, but the sun is shining and I have nowhere I need to be and though my list of things to do is long, it’s been too long since I’ve sat down and written a Tuesday post.

Knitting: I finished a pair of socks. Put another on the needles and got down to the heel when I decided I needed a break. I grabbed the yarn for a lap blanket project, wound it up, and got to work. It’s a very simple garter stitch blanket and it’s been quick work. I have two more colors left to knit through and then I’ll block it out and set it aside for a Christmas present.

Reading: I finished Station Eleven. I really enjoyed it. I also read a book by Tarryn Fisher called The Wives which I didn’t enjoy because I hated the ending. I find myself reaching for quick, light, mindless reads. My brain has been so heavy lately I think fluff is nice.

Watching: I laughed my way through Sex Education on Netflix. It’s sad and cute and funny and light hearted but serious too. I’m currently without a show so I think I might just take one of Rita’s audio book recommendations for a spin.

Making: I’m playing in my sketchbook every now and again because it’s soothing. I also volunteered to help organize this year’s Battle of the Books at Abram’s school, so I’ve been making spreadsheets and posters and I love it. Last week I made Rice Krispie treats for a class thing and it felt so good to be in the kitchen – even making something simple. I fell out of the habit in the busy of here there and everywhere and dinner many nights has consisted of sandwiches or take out.

I hope you are well. What are you making, watching, reading, listening to? Any other -ing you want to share?

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  • making – I’ve got a recipe for Turkey Chili sitting on the counter so after I get the ingredients at the grocery, I’ll be making it.
    watching – I watched the last few episodes of The Good Place and feel it ended well. Up next? Maybe watching some of the earlier episodes, like all of Season 3 that I’ve never seen.
    reading – Not a thing right now. My mind is tired so I’m on a break.
    listening to – I like The Allusionist podcast which is about words and is funny and is delightfully British.

    • That podcast sounds delightful! As does the turkey chili.

      Jesse and I were watching The Good Place together (it’s one of the few shows we’ve cowatched) but he got busy and we haven’t gotten back into it. Maybe I’ll see if it can set up a date to watch it because I really love it!!

  • Hi Kate,
    Lovely photos as usual. You’ve got a nice view from your kitchen sink 🙂 , and did you tell us what happened to A’s hand?

    Things have been a bit nuts around here. I’m on my last course for my editing certificate. Wahoo! (But also yikes! What comes next?)
    Reading: Just started The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. I finished The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. I loved it, but it’s not at all a light read. Also finished Digital Minimalism, and have gone 100% off FB and cut my IG followings to just a small handful of family and friends. (I now feel decidedly icky when I randomly scroll the internet, as I sometimes still do; I think that’s next to go…)
    Watching: Star Trek TNG, Suits, Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek (on CBC)
    Knitting: socks for my 14-year-old. The first is almost done 🙂

    I am AMAZED that you just recently started a lap blanket and that it’s ALMOST DONE! How?! (I suppose you can’t show us because it’s a Christmas present for someone…?)

    • Horning in here, but just have to say to Miriam: Thank you for the recommendation to read Digital Minimalism. I’ve removed the social media apps from my phone. I’m not going to do the 30-day fast until I finish the book, but just getting rid of the apps feels good. Also, I remember reading The Woman in White waaay back in college! Also, I really want to know what comes next after your certificate. I’m exploring alternate careers, so I really would like to know what one does with an editing certificate.

    • Oh, Marian!!! That’s so so so exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear what your up to next!

      I don’t know if I did mention Abram’s finger – but he broke it playing basketball in December. He had a pin and a cast for four weeks, that splint for two, and now he’s all better.

      As for the blanket – big yarn knits up WAY faster than little yarn. And I spent all of Sunday relaxing and knitting because I was spent from the week before!!

      I love TNG!! And Schitt’s Creek!! I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. I’ll be so sad when it’s over though!!

      I really liked The Woman in White. I read it a few years ago when I was trying to read more classics. I admire your reading list.

  • I always just love your photos and feel such envy because I wish I could take such images. I know that it’s in the eye as much as it is technical skill. I think my favorite is the view out your kitchen window–something about the contrast between light and dark, the strong lines, and the surprise of the bird framed so nicely by the pane. But it might also be the photo of your pup, and the way the texture of its fur echoes that of the rug, but appears so sharply, and the repetition of the white in the rug and dog + the contrast with the blue. I also really like the one of you and A–it is nice to see a current photo of you 🙂

    I am also watching Sex Education–I was so excited to see that a new season was released! I just love that show. It is funny and sweet and original. I’m having a hard time lately finding shows that I like. I dole that one out slowly, so it will last longer, and I only watch it with Cane. Do you have shows that you only watch with Jesse? I’m also watching the latest season of Grace and Frankie. Talk about fluff, but I do like it. Not watching anything serious these days.

    (Oh, and random thing here: I got fixated on the dishcloth on your sink because I own one that looks exactly the same. I made it awhile back–same yarn, same pattern. It’s about the only thing I can knit. Somehow it just made me smile to see it here.)

    I’m reading Digital Minimalism (thanks to Miriam) and Laura Calder’s The Inviting Life. I think you might really like it. I’m really enjoying her take on why we might put in the effort to make our homes/selves pleasing and how to do it. I need a good fiction read. Something old-fashioned might feel just right. I’m not listening to anything–just finished up The Seven Wives of Evelyn Hugo–now there’s some fluff. Tried Such a Fun Age and just couldn’t, and thanks to DM I’ve been seeing for the past two days what it’s like to have silence in the car. I might get myself more comfortable with that (other than for long trips).

    I’m not making anything (well, a life–I’m working on making/re-making a life), but of course I am excited that you and A are participating in Battle of the Books! I hope he’s enjoying it. I never did get you a list of recommended reads for him…

    • Oh Rita, you are so nice about my pictures.

      I wish I wouldn’t have watched Sex Education so quickly, because I really did love it and now I don’t have much of anything that I want to watch! Jesse isn’t a big television watcher but we were watching The Good Place together and got into season 2 and then his work life got busy and we just haven’t picked it up again. How are you liking this latest season of Grace and Frankie?

      I’ve put The Inviting Life on my list to pick up from the library because it definitely sounds like my type of book. I enjoyed The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

      Silence in the car sounds interesting to me. I know when my kids were very little I very rarely had anything playing in the car. When I was with them, they were so chatty that I left it off and when I wasn’t, I really loved the quiet, but as they are home less and my house is quiet during the day, I find myself listening to music as I drive more. Lately I’m realizing that when I play music in the house, I manage to get more done though, so perhaps I’ll try reversing the two?

      As for A, I do think you gave me some (both you and Marian are amazing at book recommendations!) which were very appreciated! I don’t think he’s really loving being a part of Battle of the Books, but he IS reading and I count that as a win. I